Where There's Smoke... - Erotic Story

Judith and I have been married about three years but the incident I'm about to describe took place 10 months ago. Judith had been on about trying another man and in the end she talked me into agreeing that she could go with someone, as long as he was a total stranger, that I was allowed to watch them and that he wore a condom - just as I had to. Judith told me that she wanted a Black man, to find out if all those stories were true.

However, nothing came of it until about three months later when we were invited to a party that one of her girlfriends had arranged for some American Air Force friends. Judith is a vivacious 24 year old blonde, very ptty with a superb figure. I could tell that she had plans for this party as she said that it could be the night she got herself laid. Judith had been out shopping but she wouldn't show me what she had bought and she had also stopped me having sex with her a couple of weeks before, so that I w ould be horny enough to go along with her plans.

On the night of the party, Judith came down wearing her new outfit; she looked stunning. It was a very short, tight black dress, held together at the sides by gold rings. Nothing was left to the imagination, as through the large gaps along the side, you could see she wasn't wearing a stitch of underwear. Six inch stilettoes and a Black choker finished the look. Judith smiled and said, "Do you think I'll get laid tonight? Sharon promised me there'd be a couple of big Black guys there." I replied, "Yes, any m an would fancy you and yes, I do want to see a big Black man fuck you."

Things moved swiftly at the party and Judith soon latched onto a big, handsome Black guy called Tony. They danced - well, I say danced, but it was more like a dry fuck, with Judith rubbing her pussy up against his groin - and I saw that he had a large bulge in his trousers. I came off in my pants, watching them together, and they both laughed at me when they heard me groan and saw the wet stain spading across the front of my trousers.

We left the party and I drove Judith and Tony home. My five and a half inches was bone hard again, and all I could think about was seeing Judith's gorgeous, shapely body being covered by her ebony lover's hands. I thought about him slipping his thick meat into her tight pussy and her long legs wrapping around him as he fucked her.

Once in the bedroom, Tony and Judith stripped. He towered above her small, shapely body and his long Black cock stuck out for miles. He eased the foreskin back to reveal a large, wet, pink knob and he told Judith to lick and suck it. I was envious of the way she opened her full, red lips and took as much of him down her throat as she could, then her head did its dance of love as she sucked him.

Tony then decided that it was time to fuck her, but before he did, I went down on her to make her wet and sticky for him. Judith came over my face and Tony started to mount her, but she stopped him, pointing out that he had to wear a condom. I'm sure if it had been left to me, I wouldn't have stopped him, I was that excited. However, Tony made it quite clear that he didn't wish to wear a condom, even after I explained that Judith wasn't on the pill. Tony said that he wasn't used to being refused, but eventually agreed.

I fetched Tony a condom and he asked if I had any extra lubricant. I offered him the KY jelly but he pointed to Judith's baby lotion, saying, "That's the best stuff." Tony got Judith to rub some all over his cock then she fitted the condom onto him and he got her to squirt some more lotion over the condom. Finally, he asked me to rub some into Judith's cunt, which I did.

At that time, neither Judith or me knew what effect oil has on condoms, although Tony did. So let this be a warning: it perishes the rubber and causes the condom to split. In Tony's case, as he pushed his cock home into my wife's cunt, the condom split - but we didn't notice this as he had it inside her.

I began wanking as Tony eased in and out of Judith and that first time they fucked, I spunked three times while watching them. It was a truly magnificent sight, Tony's black arse powering his cock in and out of her willing pussy and she whimpered as she had orgasm after orgasm. Then he was jerking and groaning as he filled her pussy - not that we knew that at the time. Judith just clung to him, gasping, "I can feel it, I can feel it!" Tony smiled and said, "Don't you wish it was going inside you and making a baby?" I hear Judith groan, "Yes, yes ... I do." But Tony already knew.

They laid together for a while before Tony started moving again, and they had sex once more. I couldn't get another erection - I had drained myself - so I just sat in the chair and watched. Tony took Judith through another series of exhausting orgasms before letting himself go again and she, like me, could only lay there and take it.

Following that, Tony was a regular visitor and Judith and I couldn't wait for his visits. Every time he came he used condoms and oil and I didn't get to fuck Judith often then. I could hardly feel myself going into her anyway, she was so loose, and in the end, she admitted that she couldn't feel me anymore and that I was useless to her. I made up for my shortcomings by going down on her and giving her pussy the best tongue bath possible. Judith loved it, Tony loved seeing me do it, and I enjoyed it - everybody was happy.

Then, a few weeks later, Judith announced that her period was late. She eventually took a pgnancy test and, sure enough, it was positive. Judith and I both thought that it must have been when I wanked my stuff over her bush during our sessions, but it was then that Tony started bragging about being the father. I thought he was joking as he had always worn a condom, but Judith looked at him in a strange way and I'm sure she wished he was right. From then on, Tony never wore a condom and I never got a look in. I had to content myself with just watching them do it.

When the baby was delivered, all Judith could say was, "I'm sorry, Ian, I had no idea... how could I have? I thought he was your's. He's beautiful, isn't he, Ian?" When I looked down at the baby - not really hearing her words - I stumbled back in shock; the baby was coloured. I realized then that Tony's boasts about putting Judith in the club had been true - he had known all along.

Now Tony spends most of his spare time with Judith. She tells me she still loves me, but that she loves Tony more as he's the only man who can satisfy her. I love her so much I've accepted their conditions.

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