Virile Vic - Erotic Story

Over the years, I have found myself becoming more and more turned on by stories of husbands who get a kick out of watching their wives with other men. EventualIy, I reached a point where I only had to think about my wife, Diane, with another man to produce an instant erection. The thought of another man undressing my wife, licking her nipples and cunt while, in return, she used her mouth on his cock and balls, sucking his ideally very large cock before receiving a vigorous and lengthy fucking, turned me on immensely.

For a long time I said nothing about it to Diane, assuming she would be shocked and disgusted. You can imagine my surprise, when I did eventually reveal my fantasy to Diane, to find she was very enthusiastic about it. She explained that she'd often wondered what it would like to have sex with another man, never having been with anyone other than myself. It was brilliant. Diane was willing to have sex with another guy while I watched, just so long as she found him attractive.

My wife's willingness, nay eagerness, to go bed with someone else gave me food for thought over the coming weeks but I decided to take advantage of it at the earliest opportunity. I soon realised it wouldn't be all that easy, though. I certainly didn't want my wife to have sex with anyone known to us, as discretion was paramount. The last thing I wanted was friends and neighbours gossiping.

A holiday romance seemed the best bet, and so it turned out. At forty-five, Vic was ten years older than my wife and I. He was married but holidaying alone, his wife being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud (his words). Surprisingly, it was my wife who first thought of him as a possible lover, an idea that turned out to be a brilliant one.

I wasn't sure how to broach the subject to Vic. Now the time had come, I felt very embarrassed about actually asking another guy if he'd like to bed my wife while I watched. So Diane suggested leaving it to her.

Being in the next room to Vic, we were already sharing a table for breakfast and an occasional drink in the bar before retiring, which is how we came to know a bit about him. On the fourth evening of our holiday, we returned to the hotel and found Vic seated at the bar as usual. He called us to join him and before I could reply Diane said, 'I'Il just have a quick night-cap, you go on up to bed if you're tired.'

Diane winked at me and, realising what she had in mind, I replied that I was indeed worn out and bed was more inviting than a drink at that moment. Bidding Vic goodnight, I went up to our room. I had no idea what my wife had in mind but was happy to leave things up to her. The full story of the means she employed to seduce Vic only came to light at a much later date.

I had been in our room for perhaps half an hour, sitting on the bed in a state of uncertainty, when I heard the door of Vic's room close with a bit of a bang. Diane deliberately closed it noisily so I would know they were there. I could hear voices, the rooms being far from soundproof, although I was unable to make out the words. Eventually, the voices faded out and my imagination started working overtime.

I tried to think how I could spy on them but it seemed impossible. I even went out into the corridor at one point and tried his door but it was locked. Back in our room, I listened in vain; only silence came from the next room. Suddenly I pricked up my ears. Was that a faint cry? . Yes, there was another, and yet another. I realised with a jolt that what I was listening to were the cries of my wife as she was being fucked by Vic!

There was no doubt about the nature of those cries, cries which grew louder, and I listened with mounting excitement. It wasn't as good as watching, but the next best thing under the circumstances. It was at least another hour before my wife joined me, during which I heard her cries repeated for a second time. I didn't need to ask Diane if she'd enjoyed it; her high spirits and glowing face told me all I needed to know.

Fortunately, Vic was staying at the hotel for two weeks, the same as us, and during that time I watched him making love to my wife on six exciting occasions. Diane explained to me that the first evening she pferred to be with Vic in private but after that she was happy for me to watch.

Diane greatly enjoyed her experiences with Vic, as was very apparent. His cock was nothing special, smaller than mine if anything but he proved to be an extremely competent lover and took my wife to the heights of sexual ecstasy. I delighted in watching Diane in the throes of orgasm with him.

Discussing the holiday adventure with Diane a month or so later, she commented that next time she'd like to try a much younger man, perhaps even a toy-boy. Her enthusiasm to continue pleased me and I replied that we must sort something out as soon as possible rather than wait for holiday romances. This meant revising our initial plan of avoiding local men and finding her a suitable partner nearer home and we couldn't get much closer.

My wife's second lover was and still is, our next door neighbour's nineteen-year-old son! Robin had been doing gardening jobs for us over a number of years, neither Diane nor I being very keen gardeners, and on the day it happened he had cut our lawn. It was a hot day and when he'd finished Diane offered him a cool drink. Robin wore only shorts and my wife ran her eyes over his lithe and sweaty body with a new interest. The idea of him as a lover came to her in a flash, as did the way to bring it about. Without another thought, this is what she did.

I was at work at the time and heard about the day's events only later. Despite one or two reservations I was, for the most part, pleased and excited by it. Robin frequently grumbled about his parents' reluctance to install a shower and Diane now offered him the use of ours after his exertions, an offer he took up eagerly. After a suitable interval Diane went upstairs carrying a towel, and with mounting excitement. With no bolt on the bathroom door, Diane was able to walk straight in. Robin had finished his shower and was drying himself, the towel being quickly wrapped around his middle on my wife's entry.

Diane told him that she'd brought him another towel, thinking he might need it. Robin replied that he thought the one he had would be adequate and Diane said in that case she might as well make herself useful by drying his back. He stood passively while she did so. Dropping her towel, Diane caught him by surprise as she quickly pulled the other one from around his middle. Moving to his front, Diane was pleased to see his cock was fully erect and that he now made no attempt to cover up.

'Hm, I could do things with that,' she told him, taking his cock in her hand. Robin asked about me and Diane replied that I wouldn't mind if they had sex. Then she repeated the story that she'd told Vic and which I heard considerably later. At first I felt hurt by her lies, but then somehow found the humiliation thrilling. Sbe told Robin that I was partially impotent and could rarely attain an erection nowadays.

She went on to say that the only way I could overcome the problem was for another man to make love to her in my stead, as tbe sight or knowledge of it happening would sometimes times help me to gain an erection. (It was some months later that I played my part in the lie by telling Robin that, as I was unable to satisfy my wife, I needed a virile youngster such as he to keep her well supplied with cock and was really grateful to him for making such a good job of it.)

When telling me about it later, my wife admitted the sex on that first day hadn't been brilliant, Robin being a virgin, but she thought he'd learn quickly. Her judgement was correct and although they were having sex regularly for two months before I saw them I was happy to leave things in her bands. Luckily, Robin has proved to be a great exhibitionist and seems to love performing with my wife in front of me.

He has become quite the expert at finding the best positions in all they do together to afford me the best view of their intimacies. I love watching their oral sex probably as much as they enjoy doing it.

They have been lovers now for ten months and, with Robin being young and virile, and my wife very willing, there's hardly a day goes by without them having sex at least once. I only watch them on average once a week, trying to keep it a special occasion.

I've no idea how long tbe arrangement will last but at the moment Robin seems more than happy to be fucking my wife rather than looking for a girl his own age. Diane, although always having an enjoyment of sex, now seems quite the little sexpot, wanting intercourse even more than Robin, as she's also having it with me two or three times a week.

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