Video Scene Stealer - Erotic Story

I'd Iike to teII you about my feelings and emotions the first time I watched Karen, my wife, fucking another man, or should I say three other men. Karen and I have been married two years, she is 24, and a tasty piece with the sort of long, horny legs that make men go weak at the knees.

We had got into financial trouble, with things going from had to worse, I was at my wits' end. Then, through a chain of events, we were put in touch with a guy who made special videos. The start of the chain was when one of Karen's girlfriends' husband made a very soft porn video of the two of them playing about. It was only fun, but got out of hand when it started getting handed around.

Anyway, this guy contacted Karen through her friend and offered her $250 to make a hard core video for him, with the promise of more if she was a success. Karen mused over it for some time, and finally I told her I wouldn't mind and, to put her mind at rest, I said I would accompany her. She told me she wasn't worried about doing it, only about what my reaction would be. I told her l'd probably enjoy it like other husbands did.

It was arranged that we would meet up in a flat in a less than affluent, neighbouring area - I should have realised what that meant. Karen had come dressed up as ordered in a mini skirt, high heels and stockings. Colin met us and introduced us to three big hunky West Indians... I think I nearly died of shock when I realised Karen was going to get fucked by all three that night. I was very worried as l'd heard all the stories about how good they were, and how hot a white woman gets after she has been with one, and that she wouldn't look at a white guy again. These stories turned out to be SO true.

I told Karen we ought to get out but she just laughed at my fears. She had a glint in her eyes that hadn't been there before and, from her actions and the way she spoke, she was looking forward to having it off with those three virile, black men in front of me and a camera.

Colin got the three studs to strip off and got Karen to remove her bra and panties so that all she had on under her dress was stockings and suspenders. I was told to stand out of the way in a corner. I couldn't see very well as the lights and equipment were in my way.

The action started and the guys closed in on Karen. Her dress was soon up around her hips, and one guy had his thick, brown fingers in her blonde gash, her juices streaming down his fingers. Another was sucking on her tits and the third one knelt on the floor between her legs. AII three sported erections that made mine look feeble. Colin told me they were all over nine inches long, and one of them, when really worked up, was 10 and a half inches. What chance did my puny five inches have?

The guy fingering Karen's snatch lifted one of her long legs over the kneeling guy' s shoulder, so he could work his long tongue into her cunt. Karen was soon sobbing and crying out to be fucked. They lifted her to the bed and took her dress right off. She lay there like a starfish gazing at them through hooded eyes. Her chest was heaving and her skin flushed, especially the insides of her plump thighs.

The guy who had been fingering her eased his thick brown cock into her pussy. Her head went back and she began to pant hard as she took the longest thickest cock she had ever had. Her legs kicked and her knees came up. He rolled his hips, slowly sinking all of his nine inches into her. Then she came off .. God what a noise she made. She clutched at his shoulders and her hips lifted to help. He waited until she came down to earth, then he began fucking her.

Then the one who had been licking her offered his cock to her mouth. He eased the foreskin back and placed his slimy red knob against her lips, but she couldn't have realised as she was in a world of her own, having orgasm after orgasm from the solid fucking she was receiving.

The guy' s hips were moving as he fucked and his thick brown shaft glistened with Karen's juices. Her mouth opened in a scream of pleasure and the guy pushed his bloated knob in, shutting her up very effectively! Karen glugged and gurgled as he forced more cock down her throat until she was retching against it. He didn't let up until he had a good six inches in her mouth. I wondered if he would try to get all nine inches in later. I could hear her throat gulping and her muted grunts of pleasure. Then the guy fucking her mouth started panting, and groaned that he was coming. Colin moved a camera in real close just as the guy started bucking. Karen was gulping down spunk as he quickly withdrew his jerking cock to spray even more aIl over her ptty face and into her blonde hair. He held his cock to her lips and she licked it dry. Colin looked pleased.

Then the guy fucking her began his jig of love. His hips slammed his thick cock home, and from the way he was groaning, I knew he was coming inside her. Then he whipped it out so his spunk flew across her heaving belly. I could see she was totally gone. I hadn't wanted them to spunk in her, but I had to accept that for the film they couldn't wear rubbers.

Thick wads flew over her tits and belly and then he squeezed his still pumping cock back into her gaping cunt to finish off inside her and her legs went up over his back. I had a raging hard-on. It was when he withdrew and I saw his thick cream trickle from her cunt that I came... in my pants. My feelings were mixed; I felt jealousy, lust, envy, excitement and humiliation, and I could see there was more to come as the guy called Carl moved towards her. His cock was massive by then, much bigger than either of the others, It reared up to its full ten and a half inches. Karen had a stupid look on her face as she stared at it. I felt excited and went weak at the knees seeing the sheer size of the man's cock.

Carl leered down at her and lifted her legs in a "v". He held her ankles and allowed his bloated brown knob to slip up and down her dribbling gash. Karen sighed and her hips jerked. Colin' s camera was zoomed right in on his cock. Carl rested her legs on his broad shoulders and very slowly eased his giant knob and shaft into my wife's juicy cunt. Oh how she squirmed and squealed. (Later when I watched our video, I saw the way his cock had ravished Karen' s cunt and the way the pvious bloke' s spunk was squeezed out. It was lucky he had already lubricated her with spunk before Carl had his turn!)

Karen's hands gripped the sheets, clawing at them as the magnificent Carl fucked her. He kept taking his cock from her cunt and proudly showed it to the camera. The video also showed how Karen's cunt gaped open to the perfect shape of his cock, it looked like a tunnel, and the way her cunt accepted his cock back every time was a real turn-on.

Karen's head thrashed from side to side, and she hung onto the headboard as she came off. It looked and sounded frightening, her sobs and whimpered cries had me rubbing myself inside my trousers again, even though I felt jealous and envious.

My excitement was intense as Karen screamed out, 'Fuck me, keep fucking me, it's lovely so big, so big!'

By then, the other two had regained their erections and were wanking off over Karen' s face and tits. The one called Errol came first. His spunk sprayed over her face, while the other bloke, Leroy, came and his spunk shot across her tits and neck. Some even reached her chin and lips, but Karen was too far gone to notice. She was in a delirious female rut. Her body quivered and her orgasm seemed continuous.

Carl was obviously really enjoying himself and seemed in no hurry, but Karen's frantic body movements took him over the edge, and his back arched and his mouth hung open as her pussy milked his cock. His eyes were half-closed and he groaned, "Oh yes." Karen's eyes opened and she cried, "Yes. Oh yes, more, give me more. Please!"

I felt sick to my stomach having seen Karen being fucked so beautifully but my spunk still flooded my pants again! Colin filmed them fucking her some more. Both the others spunked across her cunt and belly as they pulled out, but Carl refused to withdraw and came inside her again so Colin could film his spunk pouring from her yawning cunt. Karen was in a daze, so Colin said that was enough filming. He told me she'd been fantastic and that he' d use her again next week.

He started to pack his things away, but Leroy and Errol hadn't finished with my wife. Errol fucked her again and then Leroy had her, fucking her for another good 10 minutes before coming inside her. AlI the time Carl sat and watched Karen' s heaving body. I was openly wanking by then and had spunked yet again. Then Carl took her again, Karen told me later it had been just a blur until he slipped his huge cock back into her quim. He took her to new heights of ecstasy, and fucked her for almost ahour before releasing his spunk inside her.

During that hour I wanked my raw cock again, and added more dribbles to the floor. On the way home Karen was enthusiastic about another session the following week, and even though I felt thoroughly humiliated by her excitement and her praise of Carl, and the others, I felt the same excitement at the thought of her body being used by such superior men. I even felt myself getting aroused again.

Karen didn't bother to bathe or undress when we got home, she was happy to stay dirty. She just hoisted her dress around her hips, flopped out on the bed, and parted her legs wide. She raised her hips in an invitation to me to fuck her, her juicy spunk-filled cunt being wide open. I didn't really want to fuck her not after those huge cocks she had already had, but I didn't want to show myself up, or for her to compare and deride me. I made the excuse l'd had too many wanks watching her being fucked by her black studs.

Karen saw my reluctance and said, "You don't love me now do you? Now I've been had by other men youthink I'm a slut and dirty. Don't you?" I told her nothing could have been farther from my mind. I explained my cock was so sore from wanking while watching her being fucked by the magnificent Carl, and the others, and that I doubted if I had the spunk left to prove my love.

She then taunted me, saying, "You won't fuck me because you don't think you're man enough for me now. That's it, isn't it? Well let me tell you, I know you're not. Okay you can prove your love another way." She pointed to her ravaged gash and poked her tongue out at me. The inference was clear. I hung back, as I knew what she wanted. She kept taunting me, telling me to prove my love, and, in the end, I gave in and knelt on the floor between her legs and buried my face in her luscious cunt. I licked at her over-flowing hole, and she squirmed her hips, loving every minute of it.

The humiliation I felt as her cunt squelched against my face soon changed to lust and excitement. I grabbed the cheeks of her bum and pulled her hard against my mouth with my tongue delving as deep as it could. My face was soon covered in the three men's come as it poured from her gaping cunt. Her cunny muscles sucked on my tongue as I lapped up that cream. I had it in my hair, up my nose and down my throat. It had a spicy flavour and was a taste that lingered for days afterwards.

Karen slept after that, but I couldn't. AII I could think about was the way she had responded to those other men and the way she had enjoyed their way of fucking.

In the five weeks since then she's made seven more videos. I even got in on two of them. First as a cuckold husband who catches his wife with two black men - I get tied up at the end of the bed and am forced to watch. The second one was us as a newly-wed couple, bridal dress and all, with Carl as the best man. You know how it ended up: him fucking the bride while I, as the brand new husband, watched. Also in that one I got to lick her pussy clean on film. But the last three times I've been left at home and used the five-fingered widow.

Twice now she hasn't returned until late the next morning, having spent the night with her black stud, who I think has been Carl. I don't know for sure, she won't tell me who it is, she only told me she had slept with a man and that they had fucked a lot.

I'm in danger of losing my wife and I don't like it, but there's nothing I can do, I can't give her what he can, he' s so much better and superior to me in every respect. I still love Karen, but I think all I'm going to end up with is the four videos I have of her being fucked, and the two with me playing my role of humble husband. I don't begrudge her men, as they have made a woman of her.

She' s not the sweet little girl I married. She knows what she wants and I don't think it's me; in fact, I know it' s not, as all I'm good for now is eating her out and licking her pussy. The videos still excite me, and l've said that if she wants, she can bring Carl or whoever home to fuck and that I will willingly be their slave and do as they wish. I've told her I will do anything if only she won't leave me.

She just laughs and calls me sick. So there you have it. Maybe a warning to any other man who sees a way to make a quick buck. If you do, you take a chance on losing your woman, like I have.

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