The Big Surprise - Erotic Story

For a couple of years now, I have begun to fantasize about watching my wife have sex with another man and just lately the desire to make this happen has been growing stronger and stronger. In my fantasies, the man is always a well-built coloured guy with the biggest cock imaginable. I fantasise that he allows me to play with his cock before I help him to insert it into my wife. I imagine licking and sucking their genitals as they fuck, playing with his balls as I rub my own cock and watch as he spurts his thick semen inside her until it runs down her arse.

My wife, Anne, is still a desireable woman at the age of 50. She has big, round tits, fat thighs, a big bottom and a thick thatch of jet black pubic hair between her legs.

She can still turn men on and when we were on the beach last summer she attracted many a lusty gaze. I have started to tell her about my fantasies and at first she didn't believe me, but now we are ptending that we have another man in bed with us when we fuck. Well, now it has happened! And it was the most erotic experience of my life. The fantasies were nothing compared to the reality and now that I have tasted this new erotic way of life, I want it to continue. I want to see my wife with him again, I want to watch her with other big-cocked men, especially strangers, men who haven't even spoken to us. I want to slide into her after she has taken a big load from a hunky black stranger and feel the spunk coating my cock. But I'm getting carried away with myself. Let me tell you how it happened.

After much coaxing, she agreed to go with me to a club near where we live and see if we could find someone. I was over the moon with excitement, imagining what could happen later that evening. The club was full of all the right material, lots of men on their own, plenty of them black. Anne had really tarted herself up for the night out. A really low cut blouse that showed masses of cleavage, tight, very short skirt, black stockings and suspenders and high heels.

She looked a bit over the top with the bright red lipstick, a bit like mutton dressed as lamb but my cock was raging. We danced a couple of times, Anne really showing herself off and when we sat down a few men came up to ask her to dance. Nothing much came of this until a big black guy sauntered over and asked her up. He looked quite rough and tough and in his thirties. Anyway, they danced a few dances and she was really turning him on with her body movements. He was looking from her to me, a smirk on his face.

When they came back to our table, I had a raging hard-on which the guy, Max, noticed. He looked down at it and smirked again. We talked for a while then Max went to the toilet. I followed him. I stood next to him in the urinal and looked down at his cock. I nearly flipped. It was like a massive hosepipe as he held it down to piss. He saw me looking and then he looked down at my modest penis. He smirked again. I tried to say something to him but I was too excited. I eventually stammered something about him coming home with us. He smiled at me and said he'd love to as he slowly stroked his huge cock, allowing it to stiffen a little before putting it away.

"I think you want to see a little more of this, don't you?" he said, reading my mind. "And what about your horny wife, does she want to see it too?"

I told him that we'd both love to get a proper look at it and my cock was hard again. When we got back to the table, Anne was sitting with her legs crossed, skirt riding high on her thighs showing some milky flesh. Max put his big black hand onto her exposed thigh and smiled at her. Anne looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I suggested we go home.

We piled into his car and it only took two minutes to get home. We went into the living room and he just grabbed her and started roughly kissing her, his big hands grabbing at her tits and roaming under her skirt. She was getting really excited and started undoing his trousers. I couldn't wait for the big moment and rushed over to them. As she knelt at his feet unzipping him, I pulled her skirt right up to show him her thighs and big bottom. His trousers fell and there was an enormous, ominous bulge in his tight, white pants. Before she could move in on it, I managed to get her blouse off. Max must have had a great view of her bulging cleavage from his vantage point. As I unhooked her bra to let her big tits fall free, she was trying to get his pants over his erection. I was behind her, lifting up her breasts, as his cock appeared. I was staggered. It was the biggest cock in the world, it was the thickest cock in the world, it was the most enormous, ugly great thing that I have ever seen. It was like a club. Anne went crazy, rubbing her hands along its amazing length. Suddenly the huge plum head was in her mouth as she slavishly sucked him. He stood above her, stripping off the remains of his clothes before standing with hands on hips, thrusting that massive black rod in and out of her mouth.

I was desperate for him to spunk but he had other ideas. He pulled out of her mouth and she lay back on the floor. He motioned me to remove her panties. As I wriggled them over her hips, she lifted her fat bottom to help me. When her thick pubic hair came into view his cock seemed to grow another inch.

My lips were dry as he settled between her thighs, his cock sticking out miles in front of him. I reached for him and when I touched his iron rod, he looked at me and smiled. I played with it, marvelling at the feel and the size and then I pulled it towards Anne's steaming slit. Her hands came down to peel the flaps apart and I rubbed the massive black head in her wet folds. Then he pushed forward and she winced as the huge head slipped in. He slowly slotted it home and then began a slow in and out movement that had her groaning. I got down there, licking at her pubic hair as I watched his huge black cock go in and out, about an inch from my face.

He couldn't last long this first time and as he stiffened and swore, I held his balls as he pumped his sperm into her. His cock became a blur and on the outward movement, I could see the shaft coated with spunk. He softened a little and it seemed to take a full minute for him to extract his still thick shaft from her cleft. When it finally plopped out, a flood of thick white cream followed and I clamped my mouth around her soaking hole. I was desperate to taste his sperm.

He soon had another raging hard-on and we all trooped up to bed. This time he took her in the doggie position so I was able to scramble under her heaving body and lick and suck at their organs as they fucked. The smell was tremendous, the musky aroma of her pussy and his cock smell. He turned her over into the missionary position and I laid my head on her bucking stomach as he pounded into her. This time when he came, he pulled out and jetted his sperm in a torrent over her pubic hair, thighs and belly, saturating my face in the process. We rested and dozed but they were soon at it again. This time, he wanted to spunk in her mouth and it was so exciting for me as he pulled his mammoth cock from her mouth and shot strings of sperm all over her face and into her mouth. I cleaned her off with my tongue before giving her a big wet kiss.

They did it once more in the morning but this time he left his cock inside her as he finished.

After he had gone, we were at each other and I slid into her hot, slimy hole. She was so loose after his pounding. I soon added my own contribution to his loads.

I told her I would love her to see him again and she says she is thinking about it. I've also said that I want to see her with other men. I want us to pick a guy up and see his cock up her hole within minutes of meeting him. This new lifestyle has so much to offer!

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