Slaving Away - Erotic Story

It's ptty degrading having to admit that you're a cuckold husband, and especially, that you wouldn't have it any other way.

But its not easy to arrange for some other better hung lad to fuck your wife. First off there's the job of getting your wife to come to terms with what a wimp you really are, and then there's the problem of getting the stud to accept that you're sincere about letting him rule the roost and have him, and your wife, treat you like dirt. Not surprisingly, red blooded men find it hard to fathom that you'd rather be your wife's slave, than her partner in the sack!

What a relief then when I connected with an informal group of others, husbands, wives and studs who call themselves something like, 'cuckold anonymous'. The group had a few happily arranged bedtime setups, and there was even a wife who felt like us men, encouraging her spouse to fuck with a superbly built blonde called Evette. She became Evette's maid, which just goes to show that sexual orientation goes both ways.

Lionel came round to talk to us both about the alternative sex scene and asked me in front of Rachel a whole series of ptty direct questions. Did I like my wife's fanny? Did I get off wanking about the thought of her going with another man? Did I fantasise about watching the act? What about being my wife's obedient servant? I confessed to wanking myself silly over all that, over letters in mags even if I'd not asked Rachel to go with someone else so far.

Lionel eyed my buxom wife appciatively and began the questions there. What was her ideal type of bloke? Had she come to terms with the way I was? Was she frustrated with whatI could provide? Rachel answered direct. Big men, rather rough and direct men, with good sized cocks (it had been a shock to find out I was a wimp in head as well as in body, but at least it explained my pathetic performance between the sheets!) She needed to "have a good time with a guy who could bring her off for the first time in her three years of being married to me".

Lionel wasn't shocked and explained that he was a stud to a couple of women just like Rachel. There wasn't a physical type for husbands like me, but we all knew we were hopeless at screwing . . . which was at least being frank.

Some of his mates though, did require that they had full rein in the sex stakes, so if we joined up, I'd have to give up fucking, concentrate on licking and scivvying, and perhaps even wear a little constrainer, that would stop me getting my leg over, or relieve myself when my mistress didn't approve. Was all that okay?!

Well. . . it was. So Lionel took out from his rucksack this rubber tube, attached to a snug-fitting belt and small padlock that fixed behind my back. There was a hole in the end of it, so that you could have a jimmy riddle, but as Rachel put it onto me, and turned the key, I knew my days of cocking and secret wanking were well and truly over.

Lionel was impssed and wondered whether I'd demonstrate cunnilingus, just as an acceptance note. Of course I could, and went down on Rachel, as she hitched up her skirt, and bared her pussy to my eager tongue. The experience was fresh and exciting for her, so her cunt got very hot and wet.It was certainly enough to make her very wanton. and she smiled as Lionel started to drop his jeans, and pull out a massive stalk from his pants. I was still lapping at her cunt when she had that weapon placed in her hands, and she started to suck.

What a lovely big pink helmet lurked under his ebony foreskin! It made me lick her twice as much, and the throb of my cock stuck in that prison, just got exquisite, "I've got to fuck with Lionel," she snarled through heaving gasps. "You're not going to make a fuss, slave . . . are you?" I shook my head, rippling my tongue across her clit. This was the signal for Lionel to push me to one side, and to take up residence between my wife's milky thighs.

He did it calmly, Rachel kicked me away, wanting just him. Then, in seconds, his bare cock was up her cunt, and they were bonking to a quick and frenzied orgasm.

Just how much spunk he squirted into Rachel's womb was evident when I licked her fanny out. His sperm was hot in my mouth, mingling with her cum, salt and cream, oodles of the stuff.I had to swallow lots of it because it kept pouring out of her hole as she wriggled through a second climax because of my giving her head.

Lionel reckoned we were both well ready, and said he'd take on Rachel personally. She, of course, was over the moon, having always loved the sight of tall black guys. Over the next weeks the rubber prison stayed in place until Rachel was satisfied that I'd only wank off when I watched them at it. She told Lionel I'd been obedient around the house, and we agreed it was fine to go to our first social.

That was strange but brilliant. Half a dozen sexy women, their boyfriend and us lot, the disinherited manhood, drinking and looking on whilst they danced at the disco. A bloke called Howard reckoned that a couple of the wives were pgnant by their lovers, including his. He knew the kid would be Carl's, because he'd had a vasectomy to ensure just that. Whilst he wore a contraption like mine when he was feeling too horny, jerking off was all he could manage - the seed was always Carl's, just as they'd agreed it should be.

Watching Rachel gyrate with Lionel out there under the strobe lights, I tried to picture her in the club. As it was, Lionel wasn't into that scene, not liking his women big and round, so developments weren't so likely.

When we got back after the fun, the games really began. Rachel was too besotted to unleash me from the rubber tube and was snogging with Lionel, whilst she straddled my tongue, and took a pussy bath. The smell of her hot sex was pungent, primal and ready . . . for him! I couldn't rub myself, and felt horny as hell, until sweet relief, my cock stiffened and I ejaculated through the end of the tube anyway! Rachel's fanny had been more than enough - and Lionel quickly took up his station whilst she giggled at the mess I'd made of myself.

"Give me a baby!!" she shouted, drawing Lionel's thrusting loins toward her and throwing her locks of hair around. Lionel delivered - hot, hard and a hell of a lot. It gushed between them, out of his balls, and through her pussy.

There, I've admitted it all and Rachel has checked the letter for accuracy. Before I could seal it all up, she did however want to add one little quote, tease or fact, I can't tell. I'm to tell you, she's just come off the pill.

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