Picture Of Excitement - Erotic Story

It took me a long time to help my wife to get over her phobia about her mammoth breasts. Yes, they really are enormous, 44 inches of quivering ivory flesh. But they are very firm and topped by inch long nipples that just beg to be sucked. Little by little I helped her to become proud of her unusual bosom.

I became friendly with a photographer who, on meeting my wife, exclaimed that he just had to photograph her. Of course, she refused at first but after a few weeks she agreed as long as I was psent.

Ralph brought his equipment to our house. I'd helped Cheryl dress and she looked gorgeous. We had a few drinks to help my wife unwind and then we went to the bedroom. At first she was very stiff and almost frightened but he was very patient and with the help of a few gins and tonic she began to relax and even play up to the camera.

After shooting a few rolls of her dressed, he suggested she remove her blouse. She looked at me enquiringly and I nodded. She took it off and Ralph gave a wolf-whistle when he saw her enormous tits overflowing the bra which failed to contain them. He took some shots but I knew that he really wanted them naked, so I slipped behind her and before she could guess what I was up to, I'd undone the clasp and it fell around her waist, spilling her bare boobs into the open.

I looked at Ralph and saw that he was staring at them goggle-eyed as if not believing they were for real. She tried to hide them with her hands, an impossibility. He took some shots like that, while telling her that in all his years of photographing naked women he'd never seen such magnificent breasts.

I could see her getting excited by his flattery and she moved her hands away and let him photograph her naked boobs. Her big nipples were very stiff and swollen and it was a sure sign that she was feeling horny. My cock was jerking in my trousers at the sight of her semi-nakedness and, looking at Ralph's groin, I saw that he too was sporting an erection.

My wife has always been rather prudish, so her actions that followed really staggered me. She laid back on the bed and started playing with her breasts, rubbing the nipples with her thumbs and kneading the flesh with her fingertips. There was no doubt about it, she was very sexually excited and was revelling in all the attention she was getting.

Ralph, the ultimate professional, kept taking photos while she writhed and squirmed, her legs opening so that the skirt rode up to her waist, exposing her panties.

Excited by the way she was losing her inhibitions, I sat on the bed and undid her skirt and slipped it off. She looked at me from under her eyelashes so sexily that I nearly came in my pants. I could see that the crotch of her panties was damp and almost transparent so that I could see the dark curls that framed her pussy. Emboldened by her unusual acquiescence I quickly slipped the panties off and left her completely naked on the bed.

She made no move to cover herself and Ralph shot on, her legs opening and exposing her cunt which was damp looking. He moved closer and took some worm-eye views of her pussy then he reached forward and with his fingertips, spad her pubic lips apart, exposing the glistening inner folds and the clitoris that had slipped from its hood. She reacted by opening her legs even wider. I don't think she even realized it was him who had taken such liberties, she was too far gone into her own private world of lust.

I couldn't hold on any longer and I freed my cock from its confinement and stroked it with my hand as I watched my staid wife exhibit everything to the camera.

Ralph leant forward and took one of her hands away from her breast and guided it between her legs and left it resting on her cunt. As if it had a life of its own, it began to comb through the damp curls then slowly slipped into the wet slit. I couldn't believe my eyes. Cheryl was dipping her fingers into her cunt, coating them with pussy juices and then smearing it on her clit, and all of this not only in front of another man but also being captured on film!

Shudders were shaking her body and I knew that she was experiencing a series of small climaxes that eventually would blow up into a gigantic orgasm that would have her screaming and almost passing out.

Bemused, I watched Ralph undo his trousers and free a huge looking penis. It must have been at least two inches longer than mine and fatter. Still clicking away, he approached the bed and pulled her so that her legs dangled over the edge of the bed, her feet resting on the floor. She was still playing with her pussy and her tits, seemingly unaware of our psence. In that position her pussy was spad wide open and I could actually see the juice bubbling inside her hole as her fingers tortured he clit.

Ralph took some more close ups and then in one swift movement he put his camera down and with one flick of his hips he ran his cock all the way into my wife's cunt. I was flabbergasted by this and I just sat there, my mouth open, goggling as he inserted all of his cock into my wife's cunt.

I have no idea what she was thinking, I'd like to think she thought it was me, for her legs came up and wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling him even harder against her pussy. He looked at me over his shoulders and, seeing I wasn't about to jump him, he started to fuck her vigorously and she gave every sign that she loved it.

He was a good stayer and he fucked her until her whole body arched off the bed and she screamed as her orgasm broke and flooded her body. I was thunderstruck! I was watching my wife speared by another man's cock in the throes of a massive orgasm! To my amazement he pulled out and I could see that he hadn't come. He was still hard and his prick was glistening with her pussy juice. He straddled her torso and I saw him grab her gigantic boobs and wrap them around his big cock. She opened her eyes for the first time and saw who was using her tits like that. I expected her to scream and try to push him off. Instead, she smiled and pushing his hands aside, grabbed her tits and pushed them together for his pleasure.

He started to fuck her tits and I knew I'd opened a Pandora's Box. I could still see her open cunt staring at me so I took my clothes off and knelt between her legs and drove my cock into her wet pussy. She jerked back and her legs gripped me. I fucked her like that while Ralph used her tits.

I came very quickly, I was so excited, and was standing next to the bed when Ralph showered his spunk all over her face and tits. She screamed as she contorted in another gigantic climax. When he'd finished coming he grabbed his camera and took some shots of her spasming, spunk-covered body. My spunk was oozing from her cunt and I'd never seen such a lewd scene.

Ralph finished taking pictures and I saw that he was hard again. He slipped on top of her and she welcomed him avidly between her open thighs and he sank his cock into her wet cunt in one thrust. They fucked like wild animals, his mouth wrapped round a nipple, his hands beneath her bottom, grasping her buttocks. Her legs shot up in the air as he rammed his prick into her hard and without pausing.

I saw that she was gripping his shoulder so hard that she was leaving marks. This time he did come inside her at the same time as she climaxed. It was like watching two magnificent animals rutting. He kept his cock inside her until it was limp, then he pulled out, leaving her cunt wide open filled with two loads of spunk. I was hard again and I dipped my cock inside. It felt warm and gooey.

I stroked in and out a few times, and then with my prick coated in spunk and pussy juice, I straddled her chest and imitated him. Ralph grabbed his camera and took some shots of me fucking Cheryl's tits and he even captured the moment when my spunk arced through the air before hitting her face.

She was exhausted and I had to help her to the bathroom. I washed her all over and put her to bed. Ralph had gathered all his equipment and I helped him pack it in his car.

The next day, he rang up and said that the photos were sensational. Cheryl, who was feeling miserable and guilty about what she had done, told him to destroy them, but he said that at least she should see them before he did. Reluctantly, she agreed that he came round the next evening.

The pictures were sensational and Cheryl was so amazed about how beautiful and sexy she looked that she not only agreed to keep them but asked to have more taken.

Needless to say, Ralph was eager to oblige and he fucked her all over the place. The house was stinking of spunk for days afterwards. Now Ralph comes round often to take photos and dip his wick in my lovely wife and I must admit it turns me on no end!

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