Outdoor Games - Erotic Story

My wife Heather and I have been married for just over 20 years. She is a very attractive woman of 41, has a perfect figure with firm breasts, long shapely legs, auburn hair and green eyes. She dresses well and is always immaculately groomed. She has a rather haughty look, reminding one of a fashion model. Men find her very attractive, if the looks are anything to go by.

Most husbands like to think that they are the only men who have ever had sexual intercourse with their wives. Many are fooled, of course, but in my case I really believed this to be so. At least it was until one hot Sunday last July.

We had decided to take our picnic lunch to a secluded cove, about fifteen miles from our cottage. Leaving the car on the grass verge, just off the lane which leads to our cove, we carried the picnic hamper and video camera to the top of the cliff and made our way down the steep and somewhat dangerous track to the cove.

Even at the height of the holiday season, we find this particular spot deserted. Heather looked cool and beautiful in her summer dress and I began to think about filming her outdoors in the nude. At first she was reluctant to do so in case anyone should come down the track to the cove and surprise us. But after I had shown her a sunny place under the lee of the cliff where we would get plenty of warning if anyone should approach, she agreed.

In a few minutes she had taken off her dress, panties and bra and was standing before me completely naked. I put her clothing on a smooth rock behind us and soon I was engrossed in the delightful task of filming her in all sorts of provocative poses. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the bush of her gold-brown pubic hair glistened in the sun, emphasising the very prominent 'mound of venus' between her smooth, round thighs. I was beginning to get really sexually excited when, without any warning, a man's voice said "I'm awfully sorry, I had no idea anyone was here and I don't want to disturb your delightful film session."

Neither Heather nor I had heard him approaching and I noticed that she was very startled and embarrassed. Her face was scarlet and she had already turned towards her clothes, when the stranger, a man in his early forties, said in a quiet, cultured voice, "Please don't be embarrassed, my dear, you have such a lovely figure and it would be a shame to cover it up on such a glorious day as this. Besides, I came here to do some sunbathing myself and would very much like to join you both."

He introduced himself as John, a bachelor who had been spending a fortnight's fishing holiday on the island. He had pulled his dinghy up onto the beach in the next cove and had clambered over the rocks to our's to see if it was more suitable for sunbathing. I told Heather that as our new friend John had already seen her completely nude there was little point in her donning her clothes again. Having got over her initial embarrassment she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the unusual situation.

She was studying John closely, and as he was very good looking, she obviously liked what she saw. He was dressed very simply in a tight pair of pale blue canvas jeans, a navy blue T-shirt and a pair of canvas sandals. He was tanned to a deep bronze which accentuated the whiteness of his even teeth. His brown wavy hair was neat and crisp and he smiled at us with kind blue eyes.

I could not help noticing that as he had been talking to us, a huge bulge had appeared in his tight jeans and it was all too obvious that the sight of Heather completely nude was exciting him more than he wanted to show. I wondered whether she had noticed the bulge too. I glanced at her and saw that her eyes were fixed on it. She noticed that I was looking at her and she blushed and looked away from John. It was obvious to see she was flattered and excited that she had such an effect on men.

John asked whether Heather was a photographic model. We told him that we were married and that the film was for our own personal enjoyment only.

At this he seemed to take an even keener interest in Heather. I suppose he was wondering why a husband should tell his wife not to put her clothes on when a strange man suddenly appeared. This was a new angle to him and he wasn't quite sure what it all meant.

"Have you ever thought of filming your wife with another man to add to the interest and excitement of your films?" he asked.

"You don't mean one of those dreadful blue films?" Heather asked, with some surprise. He could sense she wouldn't approve so he chose his words carefully as he replied.

"No, not exactly a blue film, just a little heavy petting and love play, without actual intercourse taking place. In that way it would be possible to show off the genital organs of the couple without the film being in any way pornographic and it would be an acceptable film in any sort of viewers' circle among enlightened people. By the way, I never use fancy names, especially for sex. I called it intercourse now just now because I didn't want to shock you."

He turned to me. "Would you allow me to pose nude with Heather, so long as she agrees, David?" he asked.

I glanced at Heather, knowing full well that she would give me that look of disapproval but to my utter astonishment she smiled at me and said, "David darling, if you would enjoy taking a film of me with John in the nude then I will agree, but only on two conditions. The first is that he doesn't actually have sex with me. I mean, that he doesn't actually fuck me. Secondly, that we go somewhere else to take the film, I don't feel safe here any more."

John laughed, "I promise not to fuck you, Heather, if that is how you both want it to be. We could have wonderful fun just the same without going all the way."

We agreed to go somewhere else and to meet John at our car at the top of the cliff after he had beached his boat more safely. Heather began to get dressed and I noticed that she slipped her panties and bra in her handbag. She must have been thinking of our film with John and didn't want the elastic marks to show on her naked flesh.

We made our way to the car. When Heather and I were alone, I felt a bit nervous and apphensive, in case she should tell me off for allowing the situation to reach the point it had but again I got a pleasant surprise. She smiled at me coyly and said, "I'm doing this for you, darling, because I know it is what you want. I have guessed for some time that you would like to watch me being loved by another man and I take it as a compliment because you want to see me reaching my climax, a thing you cannot really do when we are having sex together. Also, I know it would excite you to see that I can stimulate another man sexually.

I smiled at her and gave her waist a squeeze. She had summed up my feelings but I also guessed that the sly little minx would be getting just as much thrill from the filming session as I would.

The safest place to go is where there is wide open moorland so that we can see for miles around and in that way no one could approach us without us seeing them," she said.

I agreed it was an excellent idea and when John had joined us we told him of our plans. We drove for some distance until we found a largish clearing in the bracken and heather where some soft springy turf would give us the ideal place for our film. The surrounding bracken and gorse would give adequate cover for Heather and John lying nude on the grass.

I put the two car rugs on the soft turf while Heather and John got undressed. Heather didn't take a second as she only had to peel off her dress. John took a little longer and I wondered whether he was purposely trying to excite Heather, as he took his time in taking off his jeans and finally his underpants.

I noticed with mixed feelings of envy and excitement that John had a massive cock. I was relieved to see he was circumcised because Heather had said when we were married that she had seen photographs of uncircumcised men and did,'t like them like that.

I saw that Heather was looking at John and her nipples were hard and protruding more than normal. The outer lips of her cunt were swollen and quite pink and were far more prominent and visible, in spite of the thick bush of hair between her thighs.

I directed them to lie side by side on the car rugs and to kiss as they fondled each other. In a second, John's tongue was in Heather's mouth and his fingers were seeking the cleft between her thighs. He began to gently rub his forefinger up and down the wet lips, sometimes letting it slip inside the cleft as far as it would go, and at other times gently massaging her clitoris which had become erect.

Heather had hold of his huge cock and was very gently massaging the loose skin to and fro. Quite suddenly, she disengaged her mouth from his and slid down on the rugs. She positioned her head by his cock and twisted her body round so that her crotch was near his mouth. She held the shaft of his cock with one hand, while the other hand held his heavy balls which she began to caress gently.

She began to alternately suck and slowly rub her hand up and down his shaft. While she was doing this, John's tongue was working overtime on her clitoris and inside the cleft of her cunt as he held the swollen outer lips open with two fingers. They both kept this up for some time until Heather again pulled away from him, and lying flat on her back, opened her legs as far as they would go, drawing her knees up. She held out her hand and drew John towards her, making it obvious that she wanted his massive coc k right inside her.

At this point I was trembling like a leaf with excitement and my own cock was as hard and stiff as a ramrod. I could feel the sticky fluid trickling down the inside of the leg of my trousers, making them wet and uncomfortable. Seeing what Heather wanted, John glanced at me. I smiled at him and reassured him with a sly wink and a nod of approval.

He didn't wait for a second bidding. In a second he was on top of her and I moved around to their side so the camera could get a better view.

He placed the great knob inside the lips of her cunt and slowly sank the full length of his shaft deep inside her. She gave a little moan. I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure but I saw that her outer lips were stretched and pulled upwards on his shaft.

I told them that I couldn't get a good enough view to actually film them as they fucked so they changed their positions. Heather lay on her right side with her back to John and he lay on top of her right leg and thigh, holding her left leg high in the air so that he was able to gain entry into her from behind and could reach over and massage her clitoris with his finger. I had a perfect view and was able to film every intimate detail of their organs as they fucked.

Heather started to wriggle and grind and at one time nearly lost John's cock, in spite of its size. She began to make little moaning sounds and I knew she was nearing her climax. Her movements became more and more frantic and suddenly John came inside her, just a fraction of a second before Heather. He continued to make a few more thrusts, but more gently, and as his cock plunged slowly in and out, I could see the sperm he had shot deep inside her being pumped out again along the shaft of his cock so that the thick creamy white liquid trickled down the inside of Heather's thighs, mixing with her own love juices and making her soaking wet between her legs.

The sight of this excited me so much that I climaxed like the explosion of a volcano and my own sperm shot out in great spurts. I thought it would never stop and I can never remember having had such a fantastic climax.

For a long time, John and Heather lay still, their bodies close together, but after a little while John's erection subsided and his cock slipped out of Heather. He kissed the back of her neck and she twisted round and pushed her tongue in his mouth. They kissed for a few moments more, then Heather got up rather shakily and came over to where I was standing.

'Thank you David, my darling, for being such a sweet and understanding man. I love you.'

I knew she did and was not at all jealous of what had just happened. In fact it had been a marvellous experience for all three of us and it would be difficult to say which of us had had the most enjoyment and excitement out of it.

On the way back to the cove, where John had to collect his boat, I asked him if he would like to come back to our cottage for the last night of his holiday. He said he would love to. Later that evening, Heather changed into a flimsy negligee and cooked us a delicious meal, while I served the drinks.

After we had helped Heather to wash up and clear away, she had her bath then John and I had our baths in quick succession and in a few minutes we were in our bedroom - all three of us completely naked.

Heather lay between us both on the bed and we caressed and kissed her body all over, then John positioned himself between Heather's thighs in a kneeling position with her legs over his shoulders and crossed around his neck. He grasped her buttocks and raised her up towards him and in a second his huge cock was plunging deep inside her.

I knelt straddled over her head, which was raised up high on two pillows, and as John fucked her, she sucked me off until I came in her mouth. Soon she and John climaxed too.

We lay down together and John and I kissed and fondled Heather for about an hour until we felt capable of making love to her again.

This time John and I changed positions. I took up my position kneeling between her thighs and fucked her whilst John knelt over her face and she sucked and rubbed his huge cock until he came in her mouth. She told us later that John's cock was really too big for her mouth and it had been rather painful to suck him off, but by licking the shaft and gently massaging his huge cock where she had wet it with her spit, she managed to make him come and then guided the head of his huge knob inside her mouth so that she could swallow all the thick sperm that was squirting out.

That night we did everything to Heather that it was possible for two men to do and none of us had any sleep. Next day we took John to the airport and we were both as sorry to see him go as he was to leave.

We have another date this summer when John is again spending his holiday on the island, but this time he will be spending the full two weeks with us at our cottage. We are looking around for a two or four berth cabin cruiser as this should prove to be an exciting location for our future filming sessions next summer, as well as a safe and comfortable place for our love sessions with Heather.

She said to me quite recently, 'Wouldn't it be nice if John brings a friend with him.' I looked at her, 'Wouldn't you be jealous, darling, if I fucked another woman?'

'Oh, I didn't mean a woman - I meant another man!' she smiled.

The chance encounter with John at our cove may well have stirred a sexual appetite in Heather which could prove to be almost insatiable. I certainly hope so, because since that day our own sex life has been more exciting for us than ever before.

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