One Dark Night - Erotic Story

My wife Marie is in her mid-40's and until the events I am about to describe had never had sex with another man to my knowledge. I had, of course, often fantasized about seeing another man doing her but nothing had ever come of it.

One night, however, when we were at a night club she had had quite a lot to drink. I suppose you could say she was dressed rather conservatively, nothing too outrageous. I was at the bar getting drinks when I noticed a Black guy asking her to dance. I watched them on the dancefloor, he was a little pudgy but seemed to move quite well and I must admit I began to feel a bit horny. He showed her back to the table, thanked me and moved off. She seemed a little hot under the collar and when I asked her why, she confessed that during the clinches with the guy, she had detected something big and hard pssing into her.

She disappeared to the ladies' room for a while and when she came back, her paramour asked her for another dance. They danced another slow one that seemed to last forever and I became erect once more. She again returned to the table then begged off to the ladies' again. Too much booze, I thought. She was gone rather a long time and I looked around for the Black guy but he was nowhere to be seen! My stomach began to churn.

Then suddenly she was back. I mentioned that she had been a long time and she confessed that she had something to tell me. With mounting excitement, I listened to what she was saying. The first time she had gone to the ladies', she removed her panties (said she was too hot) and when the Black guy, George, danced with her again, she said he slipped his hand under her skirt and felt her bare pussy. My cock was straining to get out of my pants as she told me he asked her into a back room. That was when she returned to me and then went to the ladies' again. She assured me that nothing much had happened. They had kissed and cuddled, he had fingered her and played with her tits and she had taken his cock out. He had obviously tried to enter her but she said she couldn't do that without my permission.

We dashed home and as I pushed my cock into her soaking cunt, she asked me what I thought. I told her that if that was what she wanted then I would have no objections. She thrilled when she heard this and we had the most intense fuck of our lives. All I could think about was George's Black cock entering her.

She told me that he was from Nigeria and was only staying in the country until the weekend. I agreed that she should visit him at his hotel the next evening. I desperately wanted to watch them together but it was decided she should go alone.

She didn't return until the next morning. Her cunt was awash with sperm and she told me that George had fucked her four times that night. I was nearly out of my skull with excitement as she told me all the details. She said his beautiful, smooth skin was almost blue-black. Tall and balding, the good life has resulted in him being slightly on the tubby side. He sports an impssive and exceptionally thick, heavily-veined nine inch prick. Because of his size, it doesn't look that long but my wife says it is the hardest and most unyielding cock she has ever had inside her.

He returned to this country at Christmas and wrote to us, asking if he could stay. I knew that this was my chance to see them together. On the morning his flight was due, Marie dressed carefully to welcome him. She decided to wear a well-cut, tan cashmere coat. Underneath this she wore a pastel twin set of sweater and cardigan and a slim, slightly tight, brown pencil skirt. What provided the outward, tarty elements were first of all her make-up, which was rather heavy. In particular, her lips were outlined in a darker lipstick which extended beyond her natural lipshape in a rather voluptuous fashion. The infilling was bright red and shiny, to match her long, bright red, false nails.

The other touches were more subtle, though it excited me to know of them. She had on a black and red, half-cup bra that naturally exposed her nipples. Her only other garment was the matching suspender belt that held up her sheer, tan stockings. On her feet she wore a pair of very high heeled black suede stilettos. As always, she went without panties.

As the passengers spilled out of the customs channel, she greeted George with a passionate, open-mouthed kiss. As he openly clamped his vast hands around her bottom, he pulled her onto the stiff erection his trousers did little to conceal. As soon as we cleared the airport, with the pair of them sat in the back of the car, and set out on the road, my wife quickly unzipped George's fly and darted down to encircle his hard, Black cock with her bright red lips and sucked him off as we drove into town, oblivious of the passing traffic. As we reached the elevated section, I heard her choke, and glanced in the mirror in time to see his hips jerk as his massive cock twitched in her mouth and his come gushed down her eager throat.

For the six days of his stay, it was exquisite torture for me. Typically, during the day around the flat, Marie would wear a simple white housecoat over a red, peephole bra that exposed her nipples, seamed stockings and very high heeled, red patent mules. They would kiss deeply and fondle each other all the time in front of me and at the slightest sign from him, she would lift her housecoat and straddle him.

On the second day, George invited a young, Nigerian friend of his around to discuss business. Marie wanted to dress but George ordered her to stay in her sexy and revealing outfit. After Robert, George's 25 year old Black friend arrived, George started speaking in Yoruba and they both laughed at my wife. George then made her display herself to his friend and told her that she should let Robert fuck her. Marie refused but after some persuasion, she agreed reluctantly to fellate him, provided he wore a condom.

Robert took out his long, thick ebony cock and Marie gingerly rolled the proferred condom down its length. She grasped the base of his prick with her hand and as her long red nails dug into its length, my wife dipped her head down and sucked Robert's straining cock into her mouth.

Both George and I looked on fascinated by my wife's behaviour as, dressed only in her underwear and high heeled mules, she knelt in between Robert's legs and slowly slurped on his Black dick. George then dropped his tracksuit bottoms, revealing a rigid hardon and, pausing only briefly to cover the end of his knob with spittle, he parted Marie's legs and entered her with a couple of quick shoves, before fucking her relentlessly. All I was allowed to do was watch in excited inaction and masturbate at the arousing sight of two Black cocks thrusting into my wife's pussy and mouth.

Robert came first, his excitement causing me to come almost simultaneously as George rolled Marie onto her back and quickly brought both of them to a dramatic, noisy, mutual climax.

Each day after I would drive them to whatever restaurant George was taking her. One night as I drove, my wife freed George's prick while I kept an eye on them via the mirror. She squeezed and wanked it for him and could only just get the head of his massive member into her mouth. As he climaxed, she said he came like a fire hose, pumping out a mass of come. It always excited me to see her sucking and being fucked by such a huge tool.

George continued to fuck her for the rest of his stay. Even on the way back to the airport, they continued in the back seat. My wife sat on his lap with his prick inside her as we drove along, with George thrusting into Marie with each bump in the road.

Although she climaxed twice during the drive, George was still stiff and hadn't come, so we had to turn into the short term carpark while he turned her onto her back and fucked her to a shuddering climax. It was more than the height of her stilettos that caused Marie to wobble as we walked to the checkin!

We are both eagerly awaiting George's next visit when I can once again watch him fucking my wife and shooting his sperm into her hot, wet hole.

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