Love Being A Wimp - Erotic Story

I've just let a mate from work fuck my wife and it was the most exciting experience of my life. Vickey, my wife, also thoroughly enjoyed it and she wants more, so I've arranged for John to come to our flat again tonight, even though we've just had him here all weekend!

John is a handsome Asian guy eight years younger than me. He has such a big cock - we've measured it and it's well over 10 inches long, and just over seven and a quarter inches around its girth. It puts my four inches to shame, and Vickey loves it almost as much as I love seeing it up her tight cunt.

Vickey and I are the same age, and have been married three years, although we've been seeing each other since we left school eleven years ago. Vickey is a very petite green-eyed, redhead. She's only 4'10" tall, but has a superb figure, 34c-26-35, and has the longest legs imaginable - what with her short skirts and high heels, they seem to go on forever. I've groomed her to what she was and her speciality is stockings. She's 27 now and knows what men like.

I've had voyeuristic tendencies since I was a kid. I've enjoyed watching couples at it every chance I could, sometimes in parked cars or in the parks. I'd even let my mate use my bedroom a couple of times to fuck his girlfriends. He didn't know about my wardrobe. It was one which backed through to the next room!

In the time Vickey and I have been together, I've loved spying on her and tossing off. When she found out, she wasn't annoyed at all, and she even went all out to help me enjoy my secret moments as it turned her on too. She would, and still does, dress up in the shortest skirts and wear dark or black stockings with high heels, and a see-through blouse with no bra. Vickey then poses for me by sitting on the lounge settee or laying on our bed, while I spy on her through the crack in the door. It's so exciting doing it like that.

When I was brave enough I told her about my escapades watching couples at it. After a little persuasion, she agreed to flirt with other boys when I brought them home. There was no question of them fucking her, it was just a tease by her to excite me as I spied on them. Sometimes, if she liked the guy there would be a quick kiss and grope session, but it never got out of hand, even if on some occasions she and I would have let it. We both got a big thrill out of it and sex was always great afterwards.

Then John came to work for us and soon got a reputation as a stud and ladies' man. Girls in the office were falling over themselves to date him, and it become widely known that he had a massive dong. He even bedded a couple of the married girls. The stock room was a favourite spot for his fornications. I was determined to watch him in action, so one lunch time I hid myself in there and waited until he arrived with his latest bit. She was a blonde woman in her early 30's and only recently married. God, it was a sensational sight seeing his brown body going up and down on her and her creamy white legs holding onto his body. But best of all, were the few glimpses I got of his massive brown cock powering in and out of her blonde pussy. I came twice while watching.

After that I was determined to see more, but never got the chance and I became frustrated. Then my thoughts turned to seeing my Vickey with him. Not thoughts of a kiss and cuddle, but thoughts of actually seeing him fuck her on our bed.

In the end, I confessed all to Vickey and told her how much I'd love to see her taking his big, brown cock. At first she thought it was a joke, a big wind up, but then she realised I was serious about it. She suggested we meet him for a drink. I was over the moon, even though she said nothing would happen if she didn't like him.

You can guess what happened, can't you? Vickey was very taken with John, and kept glancing down to his trouser front where the outline of his great cock could be seen. She was most impssed. She held my hand and said, "Oh God, Jay. it's enormous. Do you really want him to fuck me with that thing, because if you do, it could mean the end of you. I may really enjoy it and not need you any more. So think about it before we go too far."

I whispered that I had thought about it and wanted it to go ahead. I would love her whatever happened. John knew what he was there for, as I had dropped enough hints at work. When we slipped out to the gents, he said, "Do you really want me to fuck Vickey for you? If you do, I don't mind at all, she's gorgeous, but what about you?" I explained that I needed to watch him fuck her and would quite happily stand outside the bedroom and spy through the door at them. I also said that I fancied the idea of being dominated and humiliated by him and her and that I would willingly lick her pussy clean after they had fucked. I'd do anything else he wanted just as long as I could watch him fuck her.

He slapped me on the back and said that it was a deal, on condition that I did as I was told. My cock was so stiff I couldn't piss. I looked down at his as he pissed; it curved down almost into the bowl. He turned to me as he shook it and my trousers and shoes got quite wet. He looked at my cock and laughed, saying, "If that's all you've got, it's no wonder she wants me. It's so tiny, just like a child's..."

I looked down at his great swaying cock and really admired it for its size and strength. I was so overawed. But then I'd never stood before a master cocksman before. A man I was going to let fuck my wife that night.

We hurried back to Vickey and I gave her the nod. She became very blatant about flirting with John. The hem of her skirt was well above the tops of her stockings as she crossed and recrossed her long legs for his benefit. I was drooling at the thought of her being fucked by a much younger coloured guy. When I saw his hand go onto her legs and reach up under her skirt, I just couldn't stop myself erupting inside my pants! Both looked disdainfully at me, they both realised I had come my lot with no physical contact.

Vickey said, "You disgusting wimp, you've got no control, have you? For that you are going to suffer. "

We got home in record time. Vickey told me to wait outside the flat while they went in and got to know one another better. I was told to give her a call in about half an hour from the call box. It wasn't how I'd planned it but I had to comply. That half hour was the longest of my life. Vickey answered when I called, but told me to hang on a bit longer as they were not ready for me. They suggested I gave it another hour or so.

My mind was in a turmoil wondering what was going on up there, and my erection was awfully painful. I went up and stood outside the front door trying to hear what was going on. I could make out some muffled groans and the faint sounds of squeaking, I imagined it coming from our bed, but couldn't be sure. I gave it an hour before calling again, and this time John answered me. His words were, "Well, what do you want Jay? Come on ask me." I must have sounded a right little prat to him when I asked if I could come home. He had the cheek to say "You must beg me to allow you up." So I did as he ordered and I begged to come up. He just laughed and said to Vickey, "There you are, I told you he would," I heard Vickey giggle and say "Do you think he will do everything we want darling? Can you make him do it?" John boastfully said, "No sweat, he's more than ready to be obedient." He told me to get my wimpish arse up to the flat straight away as he had a job for my tongue. I was unsure what he meant and went up full of apphension.

When I went in Vickey was laid out on our bed in just her stockings, her legs were splayed apart and her cunt was hanging open all wet and flushed. Thick ribbons of what was obviously spunk dribbled from it, and she was panting hard, her eyes glazed and hooded as she looked at me. John stood naked, his cock hanging limp, but sticky, like a big, brown, slippery snake. He said, "Lick it, Jay. Lick it now or get out. Get over there and suck out Vickey, she's full of spunk. Go on, show her what a wimp you are and how useless you are to her."

I looked into her wide open cunt and saw how full she was, but I hesitated. Vickey cooed, "Come on Jay I can see you are dying to lick me, well get on with it, lick it all up." I didn't have to be told twice, I was there lapping away like mad.

Vickey lay back with her hand on the back of my head, gently pushing my face in deeper. She shuddered as she gave a little cry when she came off and it caused a flood of come into my mouth, it was all too much and I came in my trousers, again without touching my cock.

Vickey had had enough and pushed me away saying. "That's enough for you now, leave the rest to a real man." John laughed and ordered me to strip, which I quickly did. They both stared at my deflated cock. It didn't stay deflated for long and was soon at its full length again, but even then, against John's limp cock, mine looked insignificant.

As I watched her wank his cock it began to grow until it was at full size, all 10 inches plus of it! Vickey shyly giggled and said, "Now this is what you can call a man's cock." I felt intimidated and humiliated, but incredibly excited all at the same time. I knew that I was about to have my dearest wish granted. I was going to see John and Vickey actually fucking in the room and on the bed we called ours. I was going to see it all happen from only inches away. No steamy car windows or bushes to peer through. I was going to see it all for real, in the comfort of our flat!

I knelt at the end of the bed as he opened Vickey's legs wide, and pushed his massive Asian cock into her. Vickey was very vocal, she was begging him for it all. I was brought down to earth and had a twinge of jealously, though, when he proclaimed that he was staying for the weekend, and that I may as well wank as Vickey wouldn't be needing my tiny prick anymore. I had lost any feelings of shame by then, so I began to wank.

John told me to come round beside the bed so Vickey could see what a little wanker I was. She looked at me, and said, "Oh God, he's pathetic isn't he John?" Then her head went back as he drove firmly in and she groaned "Oh John, you're beautiful. I think I love you." Seeing the look of lust on her ptty face and hearing the way she moaned as John thrust into her, had me coming over the floor again.

John smiled arrogantly and said, "He's a proper little wanker Vickey, that took him just 30 seconds," as I came. He then beckoned for me to leave the room. That's how it went for the rest of the weekend, I had to wait on them and I had to stay undressed, I also had to sleep in the kitchen. John was insatiable, as was Vickey; she couldn't get enough of his thick cock. The whole weekend was great, but my high point was the three times I got to lick her cunt as he fucked her doggy style. I could actually feel her coming off on his cock and, after he had come, she sat on my face and I cleaned her right out.

The last time that weekend was great, and once I had finished, she lay back on the bed and ordered me to perform my own intimate act in full view of them both. As I did, Vickey belittled me. She was fantastic in the things she said, and, as I knelt there, I continued to wank furiously and came all over the floor. I so enjoyed what I did, I knew that if I'm told I will show my compliance again.

After John left, Vickey told me she had to have him again and to arrange a meeting. She also said I could write and tell you all about our weekend. She said it was all my own fault for letting her have John's big cock. She told me she really enjoyed his style of lovemaking and how good he was at recovering. She kept mocking me for being such a wimp, but she knows I enjoy it. She also enjoyed my oral performance and said she must see it again.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Vickey came off the pill for him. I think we both wanted it. Whenever they fucked together, I urged him on, begging him to fill her womb with his seed. When he had and I went down on her, I used to tease by trying to keep his sperm inside her, only letting a few drops past my tongue, knowing that the longer she kept it inside, the greater the chance of her conceiving to him.

And of course, his virile seed didn't need much coaxing to impgnate her. Within a couple of months she was pgnant. It excited me tremendously to think that she'll be having his little brown baby. Of course, its going to cause some raised eyebrows in the neighbourhood.

I know that after she has delivered, we're going to be having more adventures. John has promised to introduce us to some of his friends. Vickey is especially keen to try a really black guy and then we could have another addition to the family!

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