Long Strong John - Erotic Story

Josie, my wife, has always been a prick teaser. She just loves flashing her gorgeous long legs at other men, and makes it look accidental when her skirts ride up to show off her thighs and the tops of her stockings, but I know she does it deliberately.

Josie is 35, attractive and petite, with long silken hair that falls well below her shoulders. She has smallish breasts, but they are firm and nicely proportioned. Josie never let things go too far until last year when she became more adventurous. When we were out at a nightclub, she began letting men chat her up and touch her. The times I've watched a stranger's hands roaming over her shapely body while she rubbed herself against his bulge. I would rub myself and often came in my pants.

I would meet Josie outside the club and we would rush home, where she would pull my head down to lick her foaming pussy. She would hold me down, forcing my tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go, while telling me how big the guy had felt. Her pussy would gush over my face as she came off, and I would hold her piss flaps open while I ate her. Then, and only then, was I allowed to fuck her, and I'd bang away until I came in her pussy, then I'd lick her out again.

Josie soon started letting the men take more liberties. She would lead them outside the club and they would stand in doorways, snogging. She let their hands have free access over her firm body and I'd love watching the hem of her skirt rise as the man's hand went between her legs. That really got me going, and I'd openly toss myself off while Josie squirmed on his fingers, but she still wouldn't go any further and would walk away, leaving a highly frustrated man standing there.

I encouraged Josie to go further, but she knew she had me under her thumb. I would lick her pussy, which had just had another man's fingers in it and I'd wank off as I visualised her legs parting as he brought her off. It was great fun for us, but I knew it was only a matter of time before a man put his cock into her.

It happened two weeks ago with a coloured guy who proved too strong and determined to be refused. I'd seen her bring men home before. I would hide in the cupboard under the stairs and peep through the crack in the door, so I could watch Josie's tits and fanny being mauled and frigged.

Anyway, two weeks ago I watched this black guy, John, pick up Josie in a pub. He was on holiday with a crowd of his mates. John was Josie's first black date, and I could see that she was excited by the prospect of handling her first black cock. As the evening wore on I could tell something special was going to happen as Josie was very obedient towards him. He dominated her all the way, and even had her holding his cock in the pub.

I watched, amazed, as her head ducked down under the table and his hand pushed her head up and down. He kept her there for a good 10 minutes until his eyes closed and he pumped his spunk down her throat. When she lifted her head, she looked at him as a dog looks at his master. I knew then that Josie was ripe for fucking and John would be the one to do it. Josie gave me the sign that they were going home and I scampered off with my cock fit to burst.

Once at home, I only had to wait a few minutes before they came in. I watched while Josie got John a coffee, then he pulled her down onto the settee and their tongues met. Her hands worked at his trousers and she soon had them around his ankles.

What a shock I had when I saw John's cock! It was huge - I'd say about eight and a half inches. It was so fat that Josie's hand wouldn't go all the way around it. I watched in awe as she knelt before him and licked up the length of his cock. She pulled his foreskin back to expose a huge, pink crown that glistened with its own juices.

John lay back on the settee while Josie went crazy, trying to gulp down as much of his magnificent cock as she could. I wanted to go out there, get down behind her and lick out her cunt, but I refrained as I didn't know how John would take it. John could have crushed me with his little finger, so I stayed put, trembling with excitement.

Then, John prised Josie off and pushed her back onto the floor. He raised her legs over his shoulders and forced his cock against Josie's pussy. She squirmed and he had Josie coming off as he rubbed his pink crown up and down between her labia. She cried out as John pushed his big member into her and he held her ankles up in the air, wide, as he pumped in and out. Josie continued to moan as John's cock stretched her tight pussy.

I heard Josie coming off as he fucked her, and she cried out, "Oh God, it's so big!" Her hips pushed up to meet his cock - which was at least twice as much as I could give her. As I watched them, I creamed myself off over the floor, but I didn't dare interrupt them.

John's cock was like a piston as it plunged deeper into Josie's cunt. He eased her legs down and he lifted her bum off the floor. Josie's hands went around his black bum and she pulled him into her, wanting him to spunk her, which he dutifully did. John shouted out, "Take a black man's come, you honky! It's all you'll want in the future!"

Josie's wrapped her legs around John's arse and held him there as he pumped his spunk into her. "I love you, I love you!" she cried out, as his cock filled her with baby food.

John then got up and stood proudly over Josie, his cock hanging down all wet and sticky. He helped himself to a malt whisky as Josie stayed on the floor, sprawled out like a starfish. John downed his drink and pulled Josie to her feet. He led her upstairs to our bedroom, and I stood outside the door listening as he fucked her again.

I took a chance and peeped around the door, to see him fucking her doggy style. My spunk pumped out over the landing carpet as John's cock made a woman of Josie again. He fucked her for a good hour before coming again, then he dressed and left Josie a total wreck.

I went in to Josie and stared at her gaping cunt. She lifted her leg to my shoulder and pulled me down towards her. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted it too. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then her pussy lips, and before I knew it my face was buried in her cunt with my tongue pushing up her.

Josie writhed around and it was fantastic. She was so wet and juicy! We stayed like that all night - me worshipping her pussy with my mouth - and I made her come off a couple more times. It was the best sex I had ever had.

Josie met John again... and again and again. He stopped over a couple of nights towards the end of his holiday, and they fucked all night. It was a bit awkward for me, but I kept out of their way until he left. When he did, I was able to worship my wife's spunk-filled pussy.

Josie's on the lookout for a new black lover now. I hope she finds one soon.

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