Limo Dreaming - Erotic Story

Recently my wife and I had an incredible experience that we thought you might enjoy. Hopefully it will encourage other couples to act out their fantasies. My wife, Megan, is a petite, red- haired beauty with small but firm breasts, a shapely bum and great legs. She also has an incredible appetite for sexual variety. In fact, the day I married her I knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would tire of a monogamous life-style. Fortunately, we have able to resolve this situation to our mutual satisfaction. I have agreed to allow Megan her extra-marital affairs.

She, in turn, has agreed to fill me in on all the juicy details. This arrangement has worked beautifully over the past three years, and I've found that I really enjoy being able to participate vicariously in my wife's erotic adventures.

Recently, however, I began to fantasise about actually watching my wife screw another man. When I mentioned this to her, she giggled and said, 'You know, I've been thinking of some way we could celebrate your birthday next week. Maybe I could get Kirk to let you tag along on an outing.' When Megan mentioned that I could possibly watch her and Kirk, my cock stiffened in response.

Kirk was my wife's current lover and I had met him on more than one occasion He was a successful business man who had quite a dominant streak. On Megan's very first date with Kirk, she returned home late the next morning with her pussy shaved bare except for a small red tuft of hair at the top of her slit. He insisted Megan keep herself shaved in this manner at all times. Kirk also required her to dress in extremely provocative clothes. Panty hose was forbidden, and garter belt and stockings were a must. He had even teasingly suggested that one day he might bring along a couple of friends.

Ever since then, my wife spent many nights fantasising about getting it on with a group of randy black studs. My wife loves to be treated this way, and she freely admitted that Kirk was the most imaginative lover she had ever had. The very next day at work I received a phone call from Megan. She told me that Kirk had planned a Saturday night party with a couple of his friends from work. He said that this would be the perfect time for me to watch Megan get soundly screwed by a group of men. However, Kirk did insist that my wife was to be for his and his friends' pleasure only, and I was to be allowed to look but not touch. On top of that, I was to act as their personal chauffeur for the night. I would have done anything to watch Megan with another man, so I agreed to abide by Kirk conditions.

The next few days were spent pparing for the big event. Kirk had instructed Megan to dress and behave like a complete slut, so she spent quite a bit of time shopping for appropriate clothes. Kirk also wanted to ride in style, so I was to rent a limousine and a chauffeur's outfit. It is difficult to find a limo without a driver but I was eventually able to locate a black stretched Mercedes complete with a television and bar. Kirk had instructed us to meet him at seven o'clock Saturday night at his apartment.

My wife and I spent the entire day in nervous anticipation of the night to come. Megan spent hours soaking in the tub, taking care to shave her pussy until it was as soft and smooth as silk. In the meantime, I took care of all the last minute items, such as picking up the limo and stocking the bar with champagne. When I returned home from the off license, Megan had just finished dressing for the evening.

She had on a skin tight black mini skirt with large pink buttons down the front. Black stockings and pink spike-heeled shoes completed the picture. I had never seen Megan dressed so seductively and when she hiked up her skirt to reveal a skimpy black garter belt and G-string, I almost creamed in my pants. It was six-thirty by this time, so we made our way to the limo outside. Megan jumped into the rear while I assumed my position as the chauffeur. When we arrived at Kirk's fIat, he was waiting outside. I pulled up in front and jumped out to open the door in the rear of the car. Before entering the car Kirk filled me in on his plans for the evening. First, he directed me to drive around for an hour and then to proceed to a nearby fashionable restaurant. I was to wait outside the restaurant, and when they were finished eating I would drive them to a local club to meet his friends.

As soon as I had closed the door I made my way back to the driver's seat. The window between the driver and the backseat was open, and when I sat down I was able to see Kirk and Megan passionately kissing. Kirk didn't waste any time. He unbuttoned my wife's dress, exposing her lacy black lingerie. At the same time, Megan unzipped Kirk's trousers and removed his enormous prick. Her lips immediately engulfed the shiny cockhead. Kirk groaned with pleasure as Megan administered one of her fabulous blowjobs. After about five minutes of licking and sucking Kirk's rigid penis, Megan pulled her panties off and lay back on the seat, placing one high- heeled foot on the floor and the other on the seat.

In this position, my wife's wet pussy was spad wide open to accommodate Kirk's massive knob. This was the moment I had waited for, and I began to stroke my throbbing cock while watching the lusty scene behind me. I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and it became increasingly difficult to maintain my concentration on the road. In fact, just as Kirk moved up between my wife s outspad legs and was pparing to enter her eager pussy, I swerved, narrowly missing another car.

The screech of brakes and the sound of the other driver's horn momentarily interrupted the action. Kirk looked directly at me and shouted, 'Since you aren't able to wank and drive at the same time, close the damn window!' The tone of Kirk's voice made it obvious that I should do as I was told, so I regrettably pssed the button, closing the opaque glass window. For the rest of the hour I was kept in a continual state of arousal just imagining the delights taking place on the other side of the glass.

When I finally arrived at the restaurant, I immediately jumped out to open the back door. My wife and Kirk made quite a sight, and more than a few heads turned to stare at the sight of a well dressed businessman escorting a sluttish redhead up to the entrance of the restaurant. I, meanwhile, was left with the job of parking the car and finding a sandwich for dinner.

I waited almost two hours before they emerged from the restaurant. As soon as they were seated in the back, I drove to the strip club as Kirk had directed. When we arrived at the club, there was a large banner hanging above the door announcing amateur night, and my cock stiffened as I realised that Kirk intended to have Megan put on a show.

After dropping off my pasengers, I quickly found a parking place and entered the club to look for Megan and Kirk. The club was extremely crowded, and when I entered there was a tall blonde woman dancing to the cheers of the men. I finally spotted Meg, Kirk and Kirk's two friends seated at a table close to the stage. Megan was between two black blokes, whom I later learned were Carlo and Bill. The three men didn't even acknowledge my psence until Bill looked over at me and exclaimed, 'Kirk tells me your wife loves big, black cocks. Well, tonight she'll certainly get her share!'

Megan just smiled at this, placed a hand on Bill's thigh and began to softly massage his leg. Carlo placed Megan's other hand directly on the bulge in his trousers and said, 'Darling, I just know you're going to fall in love with this prick. Once you've had black, there's no going back.'

The three men laughed uncontrollably, while Bill and Carlo began to caress my wife's legs under the table. We had a couple of drinks while watching some strippers go through their routines. Megan's psence had attracted quite a bit of attention, so when the judge called out for a final contestant, the men all around us began to encourage her to volunteer.

Megan took one look at Kirk, and he nodded his head. My wife made her way up the stairs leading to the stage while the audience screamed out their approval. With the disco beat pounding out of the speakers, Megan gyrated to the music. Megan was by far the most attractIve of the dancers, and as she began to unbutton her dress, a volley of cheers rose.

Everywhere around us, blokes were yelling, 'Come on baby, take it off. That's it, let's see some of that sweet fanny!' Megan seemed to be in a world of her own as she stripped off her dress for the approving audience. Her bra was next. She paused to fondle her breasts, tweaking her pink nipples until they stood erect.

The crowd was goIng wild by then. Megan tugged her G-string off and tossed it to a group of guys seated near our table. Megan knelt on the stage and allowed Carlo to insert two fingers into her hairless pussy. After about twenty seconds of this, Megan moved around the stage to be fondled by some of the other men. By this time, the song was nearing the end, and Megan moved back to the centre of the stage and lay on her back, her legs spad wide. With one hand, she began rubbing her clitoris. With the other she massaged her nipples, bringing herself to a tremendous climax at the exact Instant the song ended.

From the cheers of the crowd, it was obvious that Megan had won the contest. When she recovered from her orgasm, the judge immediately psented her with a cheque for two hundred and fifty pounds. Megan was so dazed from all the attention that she didn't even bother to dress as she slowly made her way back to our table. She sat directly on Kirk's lap and sighed, 'Let's go. I need to be screwed.'

Bill told me to bring the limo around to the front of the club. As I drove up, I noticed a crowd of people gathered outside. It seemed that someone had wandered off with Megan's dress, and she was standing in the car park wearing only her garter belt, stockings and pink high-heeled shoes. Bill and Carlo were kissing and caressing her naked body and they were being encouraged to have her right there by a group of randy guys from the club.

The scene was rapidly getting out of hand, so when I pulled up in front, Kirk took charge and guided all of them into the limo. After I had pulled away from the club, I hesitatingly lowered the back window to observe some of the action. Megan was kneeling doggie-style on the car floor and Bill was plunging his ten inch cock deep inside her soaking pussy. Carlo had also removed his trousers, and he was letting Megan suck his rigid member.

Kirk was sitting back, sipping champagne as he took in the whole scene. When he caught me looking, he just smiled and said, 'Seems like Megan is really enjoying herself. I think we should go somewhere quiet so you can enjoy the show. In the meantime, roll up that window so you don't kill us all.'

That was all I needed to hear. I began searching for a secluded spot. It took no more than ten minutes before I found a dark gravel road leading off the main road. I was able to drive the limo up a rather steep hill until we reached a large open field at the end of the road. As soon as I had turned off the engine, I lowered the window to catch the awesome sight of Bill spurting his semen all over my wife's bald pussy. The blokes then rolled Megan on to her back, and Carlo plunged his prick into her while Bill moved over so she could lick her juices off his swollen cock.

Kirk moved closer to the action and began squeezing Megan's tits. She whimpered with pleasure. AII this was too much for me, and I quickly pulled out my prick and began to furiously masturbate at the scene before me. It took only a couple of strokes before I was squirting hot come all over my rented suit. In the meantime, Carlo had quickened his pace until he too growled with pleasure and filled Megan's pussy with his sperm.

As soon as Carlo had removed his cock from Megan's love tunnel, Kirk moved into position between my wife's legs and started to insert his cock in her juicy hole. Bill and Carlo sat on each side of my wife as Kirk slipped his cock into her. He slowly worked the length of his shaft in until he was buried to the hilt. Bill and Carlo then began to massage Megan's tits and clit as Kirk thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

I had never seen my wife so excited. She was coming on almost every stroke. While I wanked, I heard Megan tell the three blokes that she wanted to do it again some time, Kirk laughed and said, 'Next time I'll bring a couple more friends.' When Megan heard this, she squealed, 'Yes! Yes! I'll screw . . whoever you want!'

This triggered Kirk. He threw his head back in ecstasy and began spurting hot spunk deep into my wife. The four of them kept at it for almost two more hours until all three had had enough. I, meanwhile, had wanked off to a total of three amazing orgasms, and my cock was almost raw from all the attention.

Later that night, after dropping off each of the blokes at their homes, I drove the car back to mine. When we reached our house, I opened the back door of the limo to find Megan reclining on the seat with a look of satisfaction on her face. She looked so beautiful lying there, still wearing the garter belt, stockings and high heels, spunk oozing out from between her legs. I knelt down to softly kiss her on the lips. Before I knew what was happening, Megan had placed both hands on the back of my head and began pushing me down so that my face was just inches from her well-screwed opening.

I was a little reluctant at first, but when Megan held her fleshy lips apart I couldn't resist softly kissing her juicy pussy. The thought that three hard cocks had recently released their loads inside Megan only increased the eroticism of the moment, and I was soon lapping up the sticky come from her clit. When I had finished licking my wife's pussy clean, Megan lay back on the seat to allow me to enter her.

Even though I had come three times earlier I was ready for more.I easily slid into my wife's slippery opening. She put her lovely legs around my back and whispered in my ear how much she loved me for letting her screw a group of randy black studs. I began to plunge harder and harder until I exploded in the final orgasm of the night.

Since that night, I have watched Kirk screw my wife on three separate occasions. One of the times he brought three of his friends with him. Although a lot of people would think I'm crazy to enjoy watching my wife with other men, I'm not the least bit jealous. To be honest, I couldn't imagine being married to a faithful wife. This form of marriage may not work for everyone, but in our case it definitely spiced up an already passionate relationship.

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