King Curtis - Erotic Story

My wife Carol is intrigued by the high proportion of stories on the 'net that deal with threesomes and that so many husbands appear to gain a lot of pleasure from watching or hearing about their wives making love to other men. Naturally we have discussed the issue and Carol often teases me about it, encouraging me to imagine her screwing another man. I must admit that I have found the idea strangely erotic, particularly when she raises the subject when we are making love. Carol is very attractive and has a high sexual drive and I have always known that should the appropriate situation arise, and I agreed, she would need little encouragement to screw another man.

Four months ago we ordered a new kitchen and the fitting was undertaken by two men, one about 50 years old, the other about Carol's age - 28 (I am 38). The younger man, Curtis, was extremely good looking, tall (about 6'2") and athletic. He looked similar to Mohammed Ali, although he was much darker. Carol has always found colored men attractive and the first day Curtis started work she phoned me at work to tell me how 'dishy' he was.

When I returned home that evening, only Curtis was there in the house chatting to Carol and I realised what she meant. Curtis is a very witty person and pleasant natured. I offered him a drink and we sat in the lounge talking. I could tell that he realized my wife found him attractive, the way she hung on his every word. The coy looks she gave him spoke more than a thousand words. I knew Carol wanted him and he obviously was in no rush to leave. The thought of him lying between my wife's legs sent a shiver down my spine.

I couldn't believe my own words when I fuelled the fire by asking Curtis if he 'did bedrooms.' He replied that he did, jokingly adding 'especially if they contain attractive women.' I asked if he would give us a quote for fitted wardrobes in ours. Curtis agreed and I suggested to Carol that since bedrooms were more in her line she should show Curtis what she wanted. My heart was racing as they left the room.

Carol told me later that Curtis smiled as he entered the bedroom and saw that we already had fitted wardrobes: this fact confirming his hope that the real reason for Carol showing him the bedroom was sex. Curtis pushed the door to and when he moved towards her, Carol told me that her legs turned to jelly. As he pulled her to him she pssed her body against his and raised her face in expectation. Curtis gently kissed Carol's face, neck and ears and with urgency building up, accepted her tongue into his mout h as they fondled each other.

Carol felt Curtis's penis grow, its hardness pssed against her tummy as he slowly ran one hand up to her breasts and the other beneath her dress to feel her buttocks. Her blouse was soon unbuttoned and when her bra followed it to the floor, Curtis slowly lowered his kisses to her neck and breasts, gently tonguing her erect nipples. Carol gave herself totally to Curtis's seduction as he unzipped her skirt and ran his hands through the elastic of her briefs to feel her pubic mound and slip his index finger into her moist, warm cunt, fondling her clit. She unbuttoned Curtis's shirt and pssed her breasts against his well-muscled chest. Her hands were shaking as she next unbuckled the belt of his jeans and lowered the zip over the huge, hard mound beneath. Carol felt Curtis's hands pushing her shoulders down and she obediently knelt before him, pulling down his jeans. She gasped as his enormous erection sprang free from his briefs as they too joined the rest of the clothes strewn on the floor. As Curtis ran his hands through Carol's hair he moaned as she gently kissed the bulbous head of his ebony shaft, opening her mouth wide to accept it into her mouth to be lathered by her tongue. My wife told me that she was amazed by the size of Curtis's prick - even when gripped by two hands over half its length was still exposed.

Afraid of approaching orgasm, Curtis asked Carol to stop and he then pulled her up and they lay down on the bed together. At this point Carol asked Curtis to use a rubber as she was not on the pill. They couldn't find any of mine in the bedroom so Carol had to come downstairs to ask me for one. Since I kept them in the bedroom chest, I went upstairs. When I entered the bedroom, Curtis was lying on his side, his giant penis erect and menacing. He was a perfect specimen with rippling stomach muscles, a slim w aist and huge thigh muscles. His body was a velvet ebony color against the white sheets. We soon discovered that I had run out of Durex. Undeterred, Curtis reached for Carol. 'I'll be careful,' he said as he pulled my wife onto the bed. Carol lay back as Curtis parted her legs and massaged her slit beneath the black thatch triangle of pubic hair. Moving between her legs, Curtis leaned forward and, holding his penis, rubbed the head up and down my wife's slit, prodding at her clit. Carol was swooning and mo aned as she arched her pubic mound upwards to coax him into her.

As Curtis nudged the head of his prick between Carol's cunt lips, he looked up at me. I thought he wanted me to leave, so I made towards the door muttering that I was sorry for staring at them. Curtis, however, said that I could stay and watch if I liked, saying that I might enjoy seeing my wife have the screw of her life. He then pushed forward. Carol's cunt lips parted and stretched wide to accept the enormous head. She gasped and groaned 'Oh shit, how incredible!' as Curtis slowly pushed his manhood into her, inch by inch until their pubic hairs joined in total union. It seemed impossible that Carol's body could accomodate such a monster. With Carol gripping Curtis's buttocks, he started to thrust in and out, his balls slapping my wife's bottom. Carol undulated beneath him, meeting each of his thrusts with an upward arch of her pelvis. Her orgasm was sweet and powerful. She gripped him with her legs as she sobbed through her shattering climax, urging C urtis not to stop as he too reached his peak, his body shuddering as he spewed his sperm into her, all thoughts of withdrawal forgotten.

Afterwards they rested in each other's arms, kissing passionately. The rest, however, was brief, as Curtis rolled my wife over onto all fours and positioned himself behind her. He firmed up his erection by rubbing his penis between her buttocks. Again, as his penis pushed into her cunt, it seemed impossible that its massive girth and length should not cause unbearable pain. But no, it was accepted willingly. Gripping Carol's hips, Curtis pulled my wife towards him with each inward thrust and pushed her away with each outward movement so she jerked back and forth. Carol lasted only 10 minutes of the vigourous onslaught and her arms collapsed as she orgasmed, crying out into the pillow. Making no attempt to withdraw, Curtis came soon afterwards, leaving his sperm dribbling out of Carol's cunt and flowing down her legs.

Curtis has been back to our house many times since then. He always fucks her to perfection and I have witnessed the phenomenal sight of his giant penis in Carol's mouth. I love it when he cums in that position, jetting some into her mouth and the rest all over her face. Of course, when he fucks her, his sperm fills her to overflowing. Needless to say, Carol is now pgnant. We fully expect the baby to be Black. For myself, I can't get enough of seeing them do their stuff together. It is just so exciting.

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