I Dream Of Gene - Erotic Story

I am now fifty six and like most men of that age find that I am by no means as sexually active as I was when I was younger. In fact I find sex about once every ten days is more than enough for me. My problem is, as might be expected, my wife, who is thirty two years younger than myself and likes sex at very much more frequent intervals.

Fortunately we are able to talk to each other, unlike it seems many other couples, and she was able frankly to tell me that she was finding it difficult with her sexual appetite so much greater than mine. She did promise she would not take the way out of having a secret affair but knowing her desires and that I was unable to satisfy her I started to imagine all the things she might be up to when I was not there, even though she had not given me any real cuase to doubt what she had said.

A year ago we decided to take a long break for a weekend in Stratford-on-Avon. As with most people visiting that town we went to the Memorial theatre and there on our second evening we met an American who was in this country studying for a post graduate degree in English literature.

There was no doubt in my mind when we went for a drink after the performance that he found my wife, Sue, attractive and I could see that she in return found his, Gene's company enjoyable. I had been contemplating how I would have to find the energy to satisfy Sue later and watching the two of them, heads together sharing a joke as I stood at the bar fetching the next round of drinks, I found myself thinking thoughts that would have pviously been unthinkable. It was, most likely, a mixture of being relaxed on holiday and the several drinks that I had had that permitted me a few minutes later when Gene had excused himself to go to the toilet to ask my wife if she would like me to leave her alone with the American.

Her eyes widened when the impact of what I had said sunk in but when I had confirmed that I fully meant what I had said she agreed she would like the chance of a little fling. So when Gene returned I made up some story and excusing myself left my ever so lovely wife with him.

I returned to our hotel and it was then that I began to regret my impulsive action, imagining all sorts of things that might be happening and which were, as it got later and later, most certainly taking place. Sue did not return until past three o'clock the next morning and by that time I had brought my jealous feelings well under control. I liked Gene as a person and what was happening was taking place with my consent.

Sue had, I think, been expecting a row. Much to her surprise I was by then reconciled to what had happened. She had, as I had known, and indeed tacitly agreed, made love with Gene. We discussed the affair and both her and my feelings. She surprised me when she told me that she wished that I had been able to stay and watch her being made love to by the American 'so you would have known how happy you letting me have that freedom had made me' and I for my part had to acknowledge that I would have liked to have been able to watch them. We did not make love that night but fell asleep cuddled together as if we had.

Next day Gene rang the hotel and invited us to lunch. Nothing was actually said about the pvious evening, but there was no awkwardness and the three of us got on as if we had been friends of many years standing. After lunch, Gene asked me formally if he could take Sue to a play at a place that she had expssed an interest in. It was not my cup of tea and I readily agreed.

I had just got into bed and settled down to read deciding that I would not wait up for Sue when the phone went. It was Sue and she was ringing from Gene's hotel. She told me that she had discussed with her lover what we had talked about and that he had suggested I join them. 'It is room 56 at the hotel' she finished.

I slipped into a sweater and slacks and took a taxi over to the hotel. There was no-one in the lobby to object when I took the lift to the correct floor and opened the door of room 56.

Gene and Sue were in bed together the sheet pulled up to their shoulders. "Hello darling," Sue greeted me.

"Say Feller, glad to see you," was Gene's greeting. "The drinks are over there. Fix yourself up with what you want."

I don't know if Gene had experienced this sort of thing before but his attitude struck just the right note to avoid the considerable embarrassment there could have been. When I turned from pouring myself a weak whisky and soda probably shocking Gene by avoiding the ice, he had turned back to my wife and was kissing her in the most natural manner. I seated myself quietly in a comfortable chair that enabled me to unobtrusively watch what was happening in the dressing table mirror.

My wife's response to Gene's kissing was natural and unenforced and clearly much enjoyed. Though they were obviously aware of my interest, their actions were unaffected without being obvious. The sheet covering them swiftly slipped down when Gene lowered his head to kiss Sue's breasts and nipples. Their movements kicked it further down and when Sue was ready and Gene rolled to cover her, only their feet were still covered.

I had, I admit doubts of my feelings when the actual moment came but the sight of two attractive people making love can be beautiful and though it was my own wife who was the woman lying there, her legs spad wide whilst her lover lay between them his buttocks clenching and unclenching rythmically as he thrust into her. I felt no jealousy only pleasure in their evident enjoyment of each other.

Gene was, I admit, a spectacular lover. He was capable of a longevity that went way beyond anything I had considered possible. When Sue's gasps and moans had risen to the long keening cries, almost screams, that told me she was orgasaming, he lifted himself on his hands, his penis still in her allowing her to writhe on him but remaining immobile himself. When she had come he waited till she was still and then bending his arms lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Still in her he turned his head to me and asked me to get him a drink. "Bourbon on the rocks." Still in her and over her at length he sipped the drink whilst Sue recovered to the point where she was making little movements and whimpering encouragement to begin again.

Five times without once withdrawing his penis from my wife he brought her yelling to orgasm before finally after a pyrotechnic display of the most energetic fucking, he emptied himself into my wife's eager vagina. Now that he had permitted himself to come he rolled off and lay alongside her, his long, half flaccid cock glistening from both their moistures lying over her thigh.

Opening her eyes Sue kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you Gene that was very nice." Then she turned her head to look straight at me in the mirror. "And thank you darling for being so understanding and letting me have so marvellous a time."

She stretched luxuriously and held out her hand for me to go to her. I leant over the bed and she put both of her arms about my neck and pulled me down to kiss me very thoroughly."Do you not think you could manage just a little one yourself," she whispered, her hand exploring and finding that I had indeed got an erection. I would defy anyone to watch what I had and not get an erection. Hurriedly she unfastened my slacks and they were rapidly kicked free.

There on the bed of her lover with him lying alongside us I slid into a wife who had been so thoroughly and well ppared. The feel of her hot slippery cunt as it grasped me was something that until experienced I would never have believed. It took every ounce of self control to hold back until she came and my own orgasm was one of the best I can ever remember.

Gene had in the meantime recovered and now it was my turn to lie alongside my wife, her hand gripping mine as he mounted her again. I would feel her fingers grip mine tighter and tighter whilst in my ears her breathing coarsened and turned to the panting of orgasm. Then Gene would be still and we would chat in a quite unsexual manner until Sue's movements on his cock would prompt him once more to thrust her to another and another climax.

I lost count of the number of times she came but it must have been in excess of a dozen that evening. In the end I was so sleepy that I just had to leave. I whispered to her that it was all right with me if she stayed all night with him. She blew a kiss of thanks to me before turning back to the sensations her lover's active, very active at that moment, cock were inducing in her.

We saw Gene twice more that Spring before he had to return to the States. With my agreement Sue has now got herself a couple of regular lovers who she sees, seperately, two or three times a week. One of them has no objection to my watching or joining in if I want, but the other, though Sue reports he has quite exceptional penile proportions and 'fucks me like a maniac' is too shy, though she is working on him.

Though we probably took a risk with our marriage and I do not think our solution will suit everybody Sue is as happy as the proverbial sand boy. I find that knowing there are no pssures on me, my own sexual performance has improved.

It goes without saying that Sue is always ready to accomodate my needs. I would certainly recommend that any husband with a much younger, or indeed more sexually demanding wife gives serious consideration to the solution my darling wife and I have adopted.

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