Hazel - Part 2 - Erotic Story

Since all the excitement last year when Hazel took Mike as a lover, our marriage and my life have turned topsy turvy. Hazel's more or less pushed me out of her life, and she's pgnant. Not by Mike I might add but by the new man who's moved in with us. And he's coloured. What's really upsetting me though is how can a white couple say that the husband is the father of his wife's baby when the baby comes out Black and you have a have a man living in your house who's also Black. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had happened like she planned and Mike had put her in the club. I could have easily claimed it was mine. But like all well laid plans, Hazel's went badly astray.

It happened last November. We had been seeing less and less of Mike. He'd found another girlfriend but of course he still came round for his nooky with Hazel. He'd have been a fool not to, wouldn't he? Hazel really looked forward to his infrequent visits. Then he told her he was getting engaged and wouldn't be coming anymore. Hazel was so unhappy and begged to see him again but he didn't call anymore. She waited night after night and it upset me to see her keep bursting into tears when he didn't show up. We didn't even see him on the train anymore.

Then her office held a party in a hotel uptown. We booked a double room for the night as well. Hazel told me to see Mike and get him to come and to tell him she would give him a night to remember and that he wouldn't want to marry his girlfriend after it. I didn't tumble that she meant to get herself pgnant and that she had stopped taking the pill. I should have realised something was up when she stopped me fucking her but I thought she was just upset. I think Mike said he would come just to get rid of me and Hazel was so happy when I told her he was coming.

The night of her office do, she really got herself done up. She looked fantastic. I would have loved to have grabbed her and given her a good fucking but she wouldn't let me near her. I had watched her dressing. She had matching black undies, a half cut bra, a little flimsy suspender belt, a G-string and her sheer black nylon stockings. She wore a long black evening dress, slit up to mid thigh and when she walked you could see her stocking tops and the creamy flesh above. She had really high-heeled shoes on . Her long hair shone and she looked like a dream. She was perfect. I came my lot thinking of seeing Mike's cock going between her flaps again.

We got to the party. No sign of Mike but she said 'He's bound to turn up.' In the meantime she was receiving the full attention of a good-looking Black guy. Hazel said he worked with her and that he had been after her for some time. She said she intended bringing him home but as her affair with Mike had been no dodge, she thought it unwise to upset him by chancing it.

When it became obvious Mike wasn't going to turn up, she drank even more and her dancing with Ken got sexier and sexier, it was almost like a dry fuck in the middle of the floor. As they danced, they snogged and she hung around his neck. All her pals could see what they were doing and that I wasn't stopping it. They openly took the piss out of me. Then she brought him over to meet me. His trousers had a great bulge in them where his erect cock stuck out and I knew he was going to be her lover that night, an d that I would see her being fucked by a Black man for the first time.

It wasn't long before Hazel was making it obvious she wanted to go up to our room, and walked out on Ken's arm with me following meekly behind. I can still hear the sniggers and snide remarks from her girlfriends like, 'Who's going to be a lucky girl tonight?' and 'Is hubby helping out?' They knew Ken was going to fuck her.

They ignored me completely on the way up in the lift. They were kissing, she almost had him fucking her there and then. If I had known she ripe to be made pgnant, I would have tried to stop it, but I didn't know and I was worked up by the thought of seeing Ken's Black cock sliding between her flaps.

In the room, Hazel stood in his arms, kissing and biting his neck, his Black hands roamed over her firm, shapely body. He pulled her dress up and I watched his Black hands feeling her legs, then her creamy thighs. She opened her legs and his hand went between her thighs. I went over and pulled her G-string down. I knelt behind her, getting a good close look at his fingers working away at her oozing pussy. Then I unzipped her dress and pulled it off. Hazel was busy with Ken's trousers and they soon joined th e rest of the clothes on the floor. I could see his huge balls swaying between his legs but couldn't see his cock as Hazel had it between them and was fondling it.

Then she stood on tiptoes as she pushed his cock between the tops of her thighs. It glided between her hairy lips and pushed out between the quivering cheeks of her bum. It was huge. It looked like a large toffee apple on a thick stick. The foreskin was drawn so tightly around the head that you could see it pulsing and throbbing underneath. He started rocking to and fro, his shaft sliding between her gaping flaps.

He sawed away between Hazel's legs, his rough shaft rubbing at her dangling clitoris. She shook and moaned, she was having a come already. Hazel dragged him down to the bed, splaying her legs wide and I could see his cock in all its glory. It was about as long as Mike's. Although the shaft didn't look as thick, it was lumpy with hairy tufts growing on it and his cock head was truly enormous, much bigger than Mike's. I wondered if Hazel would be able to cope with something as big.

Ken positioned himself so his cock head just sank into her juicy folds. He held her lips open and just eased forward. Her pussy seemed to open and swallow that massive cock head as it slowly slid into her. Hazel moaned as she came again. This was something special! She had twice already and he only had his cock in a couple of inches. Ken lifted her legs, holding them up over her shoulders, fucking in and out, his cock getting further inside her with every thrust. His penetration was making Hazel lift her backside off the bed. She sobbed and panted as she clung to him.

I could see he was nearly fully up her now and after a couple of swift jabs, his balls nestled hard against the cheeks of her bum. His shaft looked thicker now and her pussy was stretched really tightly around it. He began a vigourous fucking movement which moved Hazel up and down on the sheets. She gasped and squealed, crying out for him to take it easy. His cock was being drawn almost right out of her cunt and I could see his huge Black dome between her gaping flaps. He was driving it back in with such fo rce that juices were being expelled from her pussy like a spray. It was obvious he wasn't going to last long that first time, after all, she had had him worked up and hard for over two hours. It wasn't surprising he was losing control. His balls went tight and sunk into their sockets.

Then he was grunting as he plunged his jerking cock up to the hilt in her willing hole, spewing out a great amount of spunk into Hazel's belly. I began tossing myself as he pulled out his limp cock. The smell from her hole was overpowering, it had never smelt of spunk like that before. She held her vagina open, it was full of frothy spunk bubbles. I'd never known so much sperm to be pumped from a man's cock before. It was everywhere.

I could see Ken's cock was solid again and he rolled her onto her knees, lifting her bum right up and taking her from behind. She squealed with the shock and power of his penetration. I slid myself in under her writhing body so my face was just inches away from his gleaming Black cock as it went in and out of her pussy.

I had to crawl out when Hazel cried out and collapsed on top of me. I lay beside her, pushing my cock up against her thigh as she was pushed to and fro, whimpering.

The feel of her stocking and suspender combined with soft, warm flesh of her thigh soon had me coming and I spunked up her leg. But Ken went on and on, he was like a human fuck machine. Hazel was being pushed around the bed, her mouth hung open and she shook uncontrollably. He held out for nearly an hour before letting himself come. Hazel lay there, her bum in the air, spunk oozing from her hole, she was whimpering as she shook and twitched. She'd just had the fucking of a lifetime and she was going to get more as I could see Ken hadn't finished with her yet. That night was a very long night for both of us.

As I've said, Ken's moved in with her now and she's ended up in the club. I'm often sent packing to the spare room while they bounce around on our bed. She'll often suck him off while we're watching TV and then give me a wet, smelly kiss.

What a woman!

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