Early Coming - Erotic Story

A few days ago I decided to surprise my fiancee by coming home early and taking her to dinner. When I arrived, she wasn't home. I had just gone upstairs to change, when I heard the front door open and the sound of voices in the hall. Clad only in my shirt and underwear I peered down from the balcony to see Fran laughing and kissing a former colleague of hers, Harold. I knew Fran had been his first lover and that she sometimes fantasised about him.

She once told me their encounters had always been too hurried to be enjoyable. But from the way she was fondling him, I knew that she planned on spending a lot of time pleasing him this day. Being a voyeur at heart, it wasn't difficult to make the decision to watch them instead of stopping them. Quickly, I went and got my camera from the bedroom and attached a zoom lens. There was no film, but I'd only planned on using it as a telescope anyway. From my vantage point on the balcony, I could see into the living room below. Even better I was hidden in the shadows, so there was no chance that they could detect me.

The word to describe Fran is voluptuous. She has long legs, wide hips, a soft, curvaceous stomach and round, ample breasts. Encouraged by her moans and kisses, Harold grew bolder squeezing her soft bum, cradling a breast and petting her between her thighs. Breaking off the kiss, she guided his hand to her left breast. Pressing lightly he rubbed his palm around and around until I could see her nipple rising up. He repeated his actions on her right tit.

Now both nipples were straining against the fabric of her blouse. At her urging, he unbuttoned the blouse and I was surprised to see that she wore no bra. Instinctively his mouth dipped to her breast, where his tongue and teeth licked, sucked and tugged at her nipple until she was frantically thrusting her hips at him. Finally she pushed him back onto the couch. Slowly and sensuously, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, pushing it back off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Harold settled back on the couch and with a touch, she spad his legs, then kneeled on the edge of the couch so that his eyes were level with her dark, erect nipples.

I could see, through my viewfinder, the wet trails left by his tongue and the soft depssions where his teeth had scored her. Taking his hand again, she guided it to the clasp on her skirt. He had it undone in an instant, but as he tried to reach inside she pushed him away. Standing before him, she let the skirt drop, revealing a pair of white, lacy panties that hid almost nothing. I could distinctly see the dark triangle of hair that I knew Harold was about to plunge into.

With my zoom lens, I could even make out her full lips and the wetness of her juices. 'Now we're going to do it the way it should be done,' Fran said to Harold. 'First I'll do something for you, then you'll do something for me.' Cradling her tits in both hands, she added, 'Then you can do whatever your little heart desires.' With that, she slid down until she was kneeling between his legs.

As his hands fondled and squeezed her tits, she undid his belt and jeans. Leaving his pants for a moment, she began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing each new patch of skin as she moved upward. AII the while his hands roved over her body, stroking her tits and thighs and tentatively prodding her soaked hole with his finger.

Slowly she moved back down to his cock, her tongue licking the sides of the hardening shaft. She playfully grabbed his underwear and pulled at them, laughing as she lowered her mouth on to the bulge in his briefs. She bit and licked Harold's cock through his underwear working him into a heated frenzy. She pulled off his trousers but left his underwear on.

Occasionally she would bend forward to let her big, soft tits rub against his crotch. By this point, I had my own hot cock in hand and was stroking it to hardness. Fran pulled Harold's jockey shorts down a bit, revealing the purple tip of his cock. I could see the rest of the blood-engorged missile in stark relief pssing against his white cotton briefs. There was a drop of p-come shining on its tip. This attracted Fran's attention as well. She lowered her head between his legs, nibbling the bulge until she reached the exposed cock head. She rubbed her lips over the head, coating them with p come.

After making a big show of licking her lips, she completely lost control of herself and ripped his jockey shorts down, allowing the entire length of Harold's hard cock to spring free. Grinning wickedly, she lowered her face to his crotch and frantically licked his balls.

With the lens now zoomed in as tight as it could go, I watched as Fran sucked his balls clean into her mouth, working them around with her tongue as though they were pieces of sweets. As Harold spad his legs wider Fran began rubbing his cock up and down, while continuing to suck on the top.

'Suck, suck, suck as hard as you can, you dirty bitch,' he said 'You just love the taste of a thick, meaty cock, don't you?'

Needless to say her mouth was far too full to actually answer. I focused the camera with one hand whilst wanking off with the other. My cock was hot to the touch and my legs were weakening. I knew an orgasm wasn't far behind as I watched my fiancee screw Harold with her mouth. She sucked so feverishly, at times it seemed the head of his cock would come bursting through the side of her mouth. Fran fondled Harold's baIls and fingered his arsehole as she sucked him. Soon they were both grunting like cavemen.

I watched, panting, as the big cock repeatedly disappeared into her mouth, and then reappeared. glistening with hot saliva. As soon as Harold moaned that he was about to come, Fran stopped the blowjob and asked him to stand up. Then she took his place on the couch and desperately pulled his cock back into her mouth. With both hands on his arse, she shoved every inch of him down her throat, letting him thrust away with all his might. My gaze was getting foggy as my own time to come approached, but I managed to keep watching as Fran removed Harold's trembling cock from her mouth.

Using her hands in a familiar piston action, she pumped it a few times. Within seconds, a gooey blob of come burst forth from his throbbing love truncheon like it had been shot out of a cannon. Thrusting her melons forward, Fran let them be covered with the thick, white creation juice. Spurt after spurt shot from his pulsating cock on to her face, her neck and into her mouth. I shuddered from my own orgasmic explosion as I watched huge drops of come dribble off her heaving tits and nipples. My Own eruption emptied me of just about the same amount of come, which gathered in a thick pool in my hand.

I was just about to sneak away and clean it up, when I looked down and saw that Fran still wasn't finished In fact, she seemed to be literally holding Harold up by his cock. He stared in amazement as she used her fingers to scoop up his come from her body, licking and sucking it from her fingers while murmuring about how good it tasted.

In a few minutes she had cleaned herself up and went to work on him, giving his whole crotch a good bathing with her tongue. By the time she was done both my cock and Harold's were as hard as rock again. Standing before him, she finally removed her soaked panties, revealing her engorged, dripping passion canal. With a smile, she lay down on the floor her head pointed directly at me. She spad her legs as wide as she could and then spad her lips too. 'Now it's your turn,' she said, reaching for him. 'Do whatever you like.'

Harold got down on his knees and placed himself in position. I thought he would tease her a little, as she had done to him, but instead he just thrust his thick hard cock deep into her, almost lifting her up off the carpet. As aroused as I'd become watching my fIancee give oral to another man, it was nothing compared to watching him screw her. I imagined that his pleasure was my own, that it was me enjoying the wetness of the hole, feeling her thigh rub against my balls, smelling her wonderfully musky odour.

I had a perfect view of his cock pumping in and out of the channel. With each thrust and withdrawal, Fran's fanny would drip with juices. She rubbed the liquid on to her hands and used it to smear her tits. Both of their faces were masks of pleasure and concentration. I wondered who would explode first.

Soon it became evident that Fran was about to come. On all fours, she tensed her body and then backed in to Harold with all of her might. Then she called out, 'l'm ..coming!' Soon she was moaning and grunting while her body writhed and twisted, impaled upon Harold's mighty cock. With one hand she frantically pinched and rolled her nipples, while the other she pulled him deeper into her.

As her own orgasm subsided, Harold's began. With a sharp exclamation, he pushed her fIat down on the floor and pumped into her madly. He pulled out just as the last of the juice was oozing out of his cock. He rubbed the soaked tool on the cheeks of Fran's bum, then kissed and licked them.

With a start, I looked in wonder at my own cock and found it once again covered with come. I had been so caught up in the show I'd come without even realising it. Down below, Fran and Harold were putting their clothes back on. As Harold zipped up his trousers, she quickly stuffed her panties in his pocket and gave him a tender kiss on the mouth.

Then, before I knew it, she was bounding up the stairs toward me! I had no time to clean myself up and so she saw me in all my half dressed, come covered splendour. Her first reaction was shock, which was quickly replaced by a wide smile. Silently, she tiptoed over to me, gave my cock a quick pull, dropped a kiss on my lips and told me that my time would come soon.

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