Bobby Shafter - Erotic Story

I am writing this because reading this stuff on the 'net has given me the inspiration to let my wife go with other men. I'm 40 and Karen is 31. Her breasts are small, neat and firm. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips and best of all, long horny legs. Karen has always been 'hot' but I'd known I hadn't been giving her enough for some time - especially when she's wanted a pillow under her bottom, halfway through. When I'd come, she would sit on my face so my tongue could reach the right spot to make her come. I'd never made Karen climax once on my prick and the fact that I couldn't give her a baby because of a pvious vasectomy made it worse.

I began to have fantasies about seeing her with other men but when I'd whisper to her about bringing home a well-hung man, she would say, 'Yours is big enough,' and quickly change the subject. I did have it all arranged once through a contact mag. I got her to dress sexily in a short skirt and stockings and we met in our local. Karen got him hard flashing her stocking tops and legs from under her skirt and when he went to the toilet to adjust himself, I went along. His prick was all that he had boasted and was a good 8". It excited me to think that such a large thing would soon be in my ptty wife, but as we went to leave, Karen burst the bubble, saying she wasn't going through with it and walked off, leaving us cold. I don't know how he felt, but I was disappointed.

Now to more recent events. We had been to a wedding and on the way home we stopped off at a local pub. Being a Saturday night the place was packed. I got a drink then found a seat. We had to squeeze in between two Black blokes. One was short and heavily built with a battered, ugly face. The other was tall and muscular and very good looking. They both smiled as we sat down. Karen was wearing a tight skirt slit at the front and back. When she crossed her legs they could just see her stocking tops. We got talking and they told us they were off an American ship which was in the harbour. They said they didn't like English beer and only drank shorts.

They were very friendly so I got a couple of rounds in. I couldn't help noticing they couldn't keep their eyes off Karen's legs. They gave their names as Dan and Jimi. Karen had noticed their lustful looks and maybe because of the booze, she didn't try and cover up her shapely legs.She seemed very taken with Jimi, the tall one, and was looking at him in a strange way.

I wasn't sure at first but as time went by I could see her hem going higher and higher so we were all able to see her thighs and the white of her knickers. I had a hard-on.

After closing time, we all strolled along to a Chinese take-away. I asked Karen if we should invite them back to our place to eat their meal. She said I could please myself but she didn't like the look of the stocky one. I told her not to worry as they seemed harmless but deep down I was hoping for some developments.

Karen went through to the kitchen to get knives, forks and plates leaving me with Jimi and Dan watching TV. I followed her out and slipped both hands under her skirt and cupped her crotch. She was trembling. She whispered, 'I know why you've brought them back here, Fred, but its not on.' I whispered in her ear that I bet she fancied Jimi, the big fellow. She didn't answer at first but I could feel her shaking so I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips. She gushed over my fingers, she was so wet. She his sed hoarsely, 'Yes, what if I do fancy him, he's so handsome.' I knew then that if I didn't push her too hard she would go through with it and my prick hardened.

When the film finished, I asked them if they had to go back to their ship or would they like to stay the night? They smiled at each other and said they would like to stay. I said one could sleep upstairs and the other on the settee. Dan agreed that Jimi should sleep upstairs as he was a bit too big for the settee.

Jimi asked where the toilet was so I led him out. As we left the room he asked why we were being so friendly. As we went upstairs I let him know what was in my mind. 'But she's your wife,' he gasped. 'Does it make a difference?' I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 'But why me?' he asked. I told him that Karen needed a big man and he looked like he fitted the bill. I thought he could do the job while I watched. He agreed. We went into the bathroom. I had trouble getting my prick out as it was hard. My voice was quivering when I told him he could sleep with her all night. We stood over the toilet and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw him. His prick was half hard and already looked bigger than the guy we had met before and well over twice as long as mine. It was massive, just like a thick, Black hosepipe. He drew his foreskin back clear of his knob - it was like a sheep's heart, only pink. He was having to pss it down and bend it to piss in the bowl and what a long stream it was. When he finished, he saw me looking at him in awe. He grinned and waved his cock in front of him, the last drops of his piss splashing my hands. 'This is for your lady,' he said, before he zipped up.

When we got back down, Karen had already gone up so we said goodnight to Dan and followed her. Karen was already in bed and I saw her blouse, bra and skirt on the floor. She had her back to us so I started undressing. Jimi followed suit. I gasped out loud when I saw him naked. He was a giant in every way. His tool was now fully erect, swaying out in front of his belly. I felt like a midget in comparison. I called to Karen to turn round but she just turned her head instead and then just as quickly back again. She hadn't looked my way, only at Jimi so I knew she saw what I wanted her to see.

I switched off the main light, leaving the bedside ones on and slid in beside her. Jimi followed and got under the covers on the other side. I felt her breasts. They were rigid and her nipples fully erect. There was no resistance as I eased her knickers down over her stocking tops then down her long legs. She even lifted her buttocks up to help. I was surprised when I found she still had her high heeled shoes on. I left them on as I removed her wet panties.

I threw back the covers and cupped her hard neat breast in one hand and slit the other down over her taut belly, then over her bush and between her legs and slid three fingers into her pussy. She was shaking like a leaf. I eased her round by her shoulders and opened her legs and climbed between. Gripping her left hand, I slid it onto Jimi's belly and placed her fingers round his shaft. It was so huge she couldn't encircle its girth. I will always remember seeing her engagement and wedding rings twinkling in the light as she gently squeezed and pulled his big cock. Her legs widened and I could feel her flooding so I pushed my prick fully home and began to jerk. I felt myself being swallowed up, it was so easy, she was so wide open and wet. I reached for her hand again and moved it up and down Jimi's massive shaft. She moaned and I felt her pussy lips tighten around my knob. I had to stop, I was so near coming. I slid off and left her open for Jimi.

I didn't have to say anything, he was already mounting her. Karen's hand was still holding his shaft, guiding him towards her tunnel of love. I whispered, 'Be gentle with her, Jimi.' I looked down between their legs. His knob was lodged, forcing in her cunt lips. I eased her lips out, spading them open. I saw his muscular shaft ease its way in. Hell, what a size he was, and so fat! You could have put a saddle on it! Karen gasped as his cock went in.

Jimi went at her nice and easy, slowly shafting in and out. Karen was arching her back. Slowly, he fucked her with long, deep strokes until he was slapping her bum with his balls.

Karen was coming out with quivering oohs and ahhs. She accidentally kicked my arm, trying to wrap her legs around his humping body. I moved back to the bed and turned her head to kiss her. Her lips were parted, sucking air in. She was whimpering, 'Don't let it stop.' I entered my tongue but she wouldn't let me and I had to break away. I whispered, 'Is it nice, Karen?'

'Oh yes, yes.'

I hadn't given it a thought until then that she was unprotected against pgnancy. I whispered to Jimi, 'Pull out before you come, otherwise she'll have a baby.' He grunted 'Okay.'

I went down the bed and could hear the slurping, sucking sounds coming from Karen's pussy. She seemed to be taking him easier now. I knelt on the floor, holding my throbbing prick, carefully stroking it. He was moving his cock into her with short strokes, his balls banging against her wet bottom. How she had taken him like she had I'll never know as she used to cry out when I gave her the 8" vibrator. Her pussy was taking much more now and taking it easily and she was groaning her satisfaction at him.

He was nearly there. I reached for his huge balls and held them and I could feel his muscles pumping and he was humping into her with mighty jerks. Karen had her legs around his back and the bedsprings were making one hell of a noise. I heard her cry out, 'Do it, do it!' as my hand became a blur and I collapsed on the bed as I came. Dan must have known what was going on - he must have heard it all!

I reached up to touch Jimi's bum to remind him to pull out. I could hear him groaning as he erupted, all thoughts of withdrawing forgotten. I heard Karen gasping, 'Yes, yes, that's it. Give it all to me.' I think that deep down I knew that this is how it would happen. Jimi eased his weight off her and pulled the sheets up over them. My wife lay in his arms, kissing him over his chest, neck and lips. I saw her move to lay on top of him and saw gentle movements under the sheets and heard her gentle moans befo re I fell asleep.

I woke later when it was light. Karen was astride Jimi, riding him for all she was worth. Jimi's massive hands were around her waist, lifting her bodily up and down. Karen was moaning with her head thrown back. She was rubbing her breasts and pert nipples, obviously enjoying every minute. I felt a pang of jealousy at being left out but my prick hardened again and I began to wank. I was urging them on, calling out 'Give it to her, Jimi. Fuck the arse off her.' I couldn't hold back and spunked across the bed. Karen was sobbing and limp, slowing down from her long climaxes, but Jimi was still hard at it, grunting loudly as he pushed up at her. He raised his hips and held on to her as he rocked up and down, his cock fully up her, in the final throes of orgasm. I had a hard-on again, which I wanked away until I fell back, knackered.

Karen finally got up, put her stockings on, slipped on a gown to make coffee for us all. She went downstairs and was a long time just making coffee. I went downstairs and my suspicions were confirmed. Karen was stretched face down across the kitchen table, holding onto the edge for dear life, long legs splayed wide apart, gown up over her back as Dan took her from behind.

She smiled weakly at me before her eyes glazed over and a loud moan escaped her lips. She was in ecstasy. Dan smirked at me as I got my cock out and began to wank. He was slamming his hard cock into her, his eyes closed. He soon jerked his load into her. He pulled out and I saw his cock was a little shorter than Jimi's but a lot thicker.

I went round behind Karen and wanked my stuff over her pussy. Karen dragged herself up wearily and as she went past me she whispered, 'Thank you Fred, that's the best time I've ever had.' I was left with a smiling Dan as she went back upstairs to bed. A short while after, I heard our bed begin to sing again. Jimi was giving her more.

They had to leave to rejoin their ship and I said I'd take them in the car. Karen was standing on the stairs, wearing only the stockings and suspender belt, in a clinch with Jimi. She gave him a long, lingering kiss. As we were about to leave she shouted she was coming as well. She was going as she was, almost naked under her coat.

At the dock gate, she got out with Jimi and they stood kissing. He had his hands under her coat. Dan told me they would be back in 8 - 10 weeks time and asked if it would be alright to stay again. I said yes.

When we got home, I started to fondle Karen but she asked me to go easy as she was still sore. She said that the whole thing had felt like a dream and that she could still feel his hardness inside her and that she had almost passed out when he first came, filling her tummy. She nuzzled her chin into my neck and squeezed my balls. I moved her to the settee and spad her legs. Karen held her lips open. The invitation was clear but was I man enough to take up the challenge.

I hesitated, sniffing the heavy, pungent smell of her cunt. Karen settled the matter by taking hold of my head and with two hands pssed my face into her quivering pussy. She put one of her long legs over my shoulder and hooked it behind my neck. I gently darted my tongue into her, making her jerk and moan. This was what she wanted me to do and I was happy to be imprisoned in the softness of her pussy. As I brought her off, I wanked myself. Karen wriggled her hips, enjoying her dominance. It may seem vile, but it gave me great pleasure and I could never hope to give her what Jimi had. I'd always licked her out before, so what was the difference?

Karen had really changed. Now she's very sure of herself. I love Karen very much, whatever she does is OK by me. Hence the fact that I don't mind her being enjoyed by another man.

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