Black And White - Erotic Story

Selena and the young Black man were stood against the miniature bar in the corner of the lounge. I was sat in my chair, in the recess furthest away from them. They were, of course, both fully aware of my psence, but never at any time did that have any effect either upon what they said to each other or what they did.

There is no denying that Selena is a beautiful woman although she was certainly a lot older than her companion. She has long, sexy legs that flow into softly rounded thighs, curved buttocks and a flat, soft tummy. Her breasts though were her most outstanding feature. They were full and softly rounded, peaking to high tips that only emphasised the fact that she was braless. Just once glance at the deep, wide and plunging cleavage of her black cocktail dress confirmed that as a fact.

The Black youth of no more than twenty was perfectly developed physically. The thin checked shirt he wore opened to the waist served to make obvious the great breadth of his shoulders and the depth of his chest, the muscles of which positively rippled. He was very Black, whilst Selena had one of those all-over golden tans that made one think of long hours in the sun. She wore nothing in the way of makeup, for with a complexion like hers, artificial boosts were totally unnecessary. Her sole adornments, in fa ct, apart from a gold chain on one ankle, were the long and pointed fingernails, which she had varnished a brilliant red.

For maybe twenty or thirty minutes they chatted together. Every now and then his curly black hair and her tresses would come closer together. There would be a smile on his rugged , and by no means handsome, face while she would allow herself a giggle or even a titter.

You could feel something brewing - a tension building up. They had a few drinks - she favoured white wine whilst he was on the malts. When the break did come, it surprisingly stemmed from the youth. I say surprisingly, because of the two, she was obviously the assured and confident; he appearing more wary, shy almost.

It started like this. She was standing for most of the time whilst he perched on a high stool. She reached over to the bowl of nuts on the bar top and as she did so, he slipped his left arm round her waist and held it there. She stood motionless for a moment and then she looked up at him, smiled and finally blew him a kiss. It was obviously the signal he'd been waiting for. I saw his chest fill as he breathed in deeply and then he was sliding his hand from her waist down onto her buttocks.

From then on it was sex - hot blatant sex - raw sex, almost - all the way. I heard her sigh softly and I'm sure she murmured, 'Darling... darling' very, very faintly. She moved up to him and then her arms were around his neck, they were kissing and even as their lips met, hers were already moist and parted. As they kissed, they were also loving one another with their hands. His were on her buttocks, moving from one soft, round cheek to the other and then pausing as he dug his long, Black middle finger in be tween her thighs. Selena's hands meantime were first on his chest and then moved down his belly to his crotch. I heard her gasp as she stroked her fingers over his bulge, then she was pulling down his zip and her hand was inside. Soon she was moaning his name, 'Roddy ... Roddy .... so big .... so big ....' Then, frustratingly almost, 'I can't get it out ... its too big ... too thick...'

He was whispering something to her very softly. So softly that I didn't catch it. But he was easing her slowly back from him and whilst she continued to stroke his cock through his slacks, his hands went to her breasts and seconds later he had freed them from her dress. He held one in each of his large, Black hands and I saw her nipples harden and pucker as he flicked his thumbs over them. Her nipples enticed him and, taking them in his mouth, he used his tongue to lick and his mouth to suck.

He pulled her body against his and kissed her. Their lips opened, their tongues repeated the kiss and they appeared to almost drink their passion from each other. He lifted her up and sat her on her own stool. As he did so she was pulling her dress up to her waist and spading her thighs apart at the same time. I heard him gasp, for apart from her stockings, she was naked under the dress and even from where I was sat, I could see tiny droplets of her lust on the soft, bare lips of her pussy. Her clit was a tiny, round pink button. Then again she cried out his name as he sank his middle finger deep into her.

They were whispering to each other but again I couldn't hear. Next moment he was lifting her by her waist until she was high above his head. She opened her legs wide and started to tease her own cunt with her fingers as he slowly lowered her over his mouth and he was licking at her slit and nibbling on her clitty. Seconds later, she suddenly stiffened as he pushed his tongue deep inside her, moving it in and out. I could even see the sweet nectar on his lips and then she was shuddering in his arms as his cu nt-kisses brought her to orgasm.

I could only marvel at his strength as he took her weight in one hand and with the other he was pulling at his belt and zip as his slacks fell to his knees revealing his cock. How do you describe a cock such as that Black man's? Massive - huge - that will have to do. I haven't seen a bigger cock on a man. It was eleven inches long and my eyes told me that it was thicker than Selena's wrist. The main vein running along the top was almost obscene. It was so big as it throbbed purple-black against his stomach. The knobhead was positively ugly in its size and was like no other I'd ever seen before.

The look on Selena's face said it all - it was all her eyes said. Fear. Panic. Yet I also knew that she couldn't have refused him even if she had so wanted.

Slowly he began to lower her and as he looked into her lovely eyes, he held her further away from his own body. Briefly she lowered one hand till it was holding that huge cock then she was whispering to him once more and I saw her forcing her legs and cunt wider apart as he set her on the top of his rigid penis. Then she was screaming as, with one thrust, he pulled her all the way onto him. For a second they were still and I saw a tear rolling down her cheek, but the next moment she had wrapped her legs aro und his waist and her hands were around his neck.

He gently lowered her onto her back till she was spadeagled across the deep pile of the carpet. I thought he was going to fuck her there and then, but I was mistaken. Instead they whispered to one another again and then stood up and they quickly stripped themselves naked - he completely so and she retaining only her self-support stockings. Again he knelt over her and she was reaching out and holding his penis. His cock was wet and gleaming black from her cunt juices and there was no hiding the excitement on her face as she realised the life-force that was pulsing the entire length of his prick. She started to guide it to her mouth, her lips parted and her tongue was licking around the rim. As she did so, she took one hand away from his shaft and began to lift and stroke his heavy, swaying balls.

I saw him reaching out for her large, round breasts and once more her nipples rose to the teasing of his fingers. She widened her mouth and he put one hand behind her head as he made to slide his cock over her tongue. I saw her cheeks bulge and he pushed another inch or more inside.

That is when he fucked her - not on her back though - instead he screwed her the way a dog mounts a bitch or the bull a cow. They'd been whispering as before and I'm sure she had asked for it this way. They started off with Selena on her hands and knees and her bum stuck in the air and with her thighs spad wide. He leaned over her back and as he reached round for her swinging breasts, she had her hands between her legs. Taking his giant cock in her fingers, she moved it till his knob was rubbing up and dw on her snatch.

Now he was really fucking her - I could hear her cunt squelch each time he pulled out and with each thrust I could see her pink pussy lips open and close. His weight and the sheer power of his screwing was forcing her head and then her tits flat onto the carpet, even her legs appeared to be splaying further and further apart. His fuck strokes were long and smooth and very fast, he must have been pulling all of seven inches out of her after ramming every thrust home. I could see her mouth open and close and she was making all manner of weird noises.

Then she began moving back up onto his pounding Black prick, his chest and her back were slick with sweat. Her eyes were open now but they were rolling in their sockets and I saw her hands and fingers clutching at the carpet pile. He was pounding that cock into her and he too began to make a low, growling noise that seemed to come from deep in his throat. His thrusts were unbelievably quick and I could hear his huge balls slap her upper thighs and buttocks almost non-stop. She began screaming out his name and the next second he was jetting his sperm into her. Then it was all over.

The scene I have just related is one of many that has taken place over the last few years. Roddy is Selena's first Black lover and he also has the largest tool of any of my wife's pvious lovers. I so enjoy watching her with them, especially with Roddy - he is just so awesome!

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