Big Bill - Erotic Story

Its funny how you don't always know someone despite being married to them. I always felt my wife was rather proper when it came to sex. Don't get me wrong, she is good in bed but after two years of marriage our sex life had dulled slightly. It was then that my parents died suddenly in a car crash. I am an only child and so was devastated, but not nearly as much as my Uncle Bill, my father's brother. He came round continuously to us for several weeks afterwards. Naturally, Cheryl, my wife, was a support to both of us.

We decided to move into my parents' house and get rid of our's. It was while we were sorting things out that I came across a drawer full of pornographic material. When I looked closely, I realized that the girl in the photos was my mother as a young lady, mostly in poses with my father but at other times with another man. It took me a while to realise that this other man was Uncle Bill! As I searched further, I found two old cine films. Well naturally I was shocked and at first, rather angry. It was Cheryl who managed to calm me down and at one stage uttered, 'Lucky lady!' The problem was how to broach the subject with Uncle Bill.

It took a few visits from Bill until I could mention it. I realized now why he was so upset. He looked ashamed at first but said that my mother had first gone out with him but that my father had won her in the end. She had, however, been highly-sexed and one day things just went too far and all three ended up in bed together. My mother was quite wanton apparantly and so began the troilism. Clearly, my uncle had loved my mother and had never married.

I decided to give him all the photos but kept back the two films as I had yet to see them. When I did, I was shocked to see my mother grab the cameraman and proceed to unzip his fly, then perform fellatio on him, much to the amusement of my father and Bill. I was watching it with Cheryl but the only comment she made was on the size of Bill's penis! 'Wow, your uncle's massive!' she said. Well, it had registered that it was big but I hadn't taken much notice of it. But now she mentioned it, yes, it was big, very big. I was surprised she hadn't said anything before when viewing the photos.

After watching the films we went to bed. Cheryl, I noticed, was very sexual. She rarely makes the first move, yet that night she did and as soon as I reached between her legs, I found her very wet indeed. I guessed the film must have aroused her and said so. She then just laughed and I too was soon aroused. She again mentioned my uncle's large penis so I hinted that maybe she should take it. Well we had the most marvellous fuck for some time - so much so that I started to tease her about my uncle's prick ea ch time we made love. Our sex life started to improve three hundred percent.

Bill didn't come round so much, but on her birthday we invited him round for dinner. We polished off two bottles of wine and I said he shouldn't drive home. He then jumped up and yelled 'Hell!' He had left Cheryl's psent in the car. When Cheryl opened it she found lingerie, a lovely outfit consisting of white panties, bra and stockings. I have never seen Cheryl so embarrassed. Yet I could see she was secretly pleased. I suppose I must have been a little drunk as I started to tease her that we would like t o see it on her. Bill's face lit up and he started to tease her also.

'Don't be ridiculous,' she said firmly. I then leaned over and kissed her and whisperpered that I would dearly love to see her in it. She stared aghast at me and then looked at Bill, who had a smirk on his face. Something seemed to snap inside her and she jumped up and said, 'Alright then,' and disappeared.

I had grave doubts that she would do it and indeed she took quite a time to come down but when she did, she looked fabulous. The outfit fitted her perfectly and made me wonder how Bill had got her measurements. I wouldn't say that Cheryl is ptty but she does have a magnificent figure with thirty-eight inch boobs. And right now I was looking at it.

I was completely dumbfounded but Bill called her over so he could see the outfit better. I watched in amazement as he let his fingers slide up her silk stockings until he nearly reached her crotch, at which Cheryl stepped backwards and said he was naughty in a rather indignant way. I now had the biggest and most painful erection that I have ever had. It was trying to burn its way out of my trousers.

As I tried to get up it became even more painful, not to mention very obvious to Cheryl. She stared in amazement at me, but Bill started to laugh, 'I think your husband needs relieving, Cheryl,' he said.

'Well not by me,' she retorted. I then approached her and she looked down at my erection and said, 'Bloody thing!'

'You look fabulous,' I said. I could see that she was pleased to receive the compliment from me but she remained apphensive. Then Bill got up and put his arms around her, letting his hand nestle on her bottom. 'Why don't you relieve him, Cheryl. 'Don't mind me.' She looked at him and smiled while I sat down again on the settee. He then led Cheryl over to me. She looked rather strange, if anything a little excited, and then he sort of pushed her onto me. She stumbled slightly but steadied herself with her hand on my knee. I leaned forward and took her arm. We then looked at each other and what passed between us at that moment I will never forget. We didn't say anything, we didn't need to. She knew then that I wanted to fuck her and I could see she was equally eager. I pulled her gently towards me and she fell into my arms and landed painfully on my erection, causing me to shout and she to giggle. Then it was like Bill wasn't in the room. We kissed passionately. I pulled her bra-straps off her shoulders and g ently removed it altogether. Then things became urgent! It became a mad scramble to get my penis out and her panties off before we were fucking like mad with me seated and Cheryl bouncing up and down on my erection. We were going at it like hammer and tongs when I realized I couldn't hold out much longer. We must have climaxed together because as the stuff shot out of me Cheryl gave a scream of pleasure and her breathing quickened as she went up and down like a piston rod. As for me, I thought my head would explode. We then collapsed exhausted in each other's arms.

I casually glanced across to where I thought Bill might be but realized that he had seated himself on the floor behind Cheryl, which must have given him a perfect view. Not only that - he was now naked. In our rush to climax we had not heard him undress. He gave me a small smile and I felt rather strange. He was sitting patiently waiting while Cheryl was sitting on me having received her 'psent'. And I was soon about to give Cheryl to Bill as his 'psent'. I felt a mixture of jealousy and excitement.

Bill waited a little longer before getting up and rousing Cheryl who was beginning to fall asleep on me. She was shocked to see him naked but as he took her arm, she rose willingly. He guided her to his armchair and sat her in it and then spad a leg over each side-arm. I watched, amazed, as her legs spad wide to reveal my semen dribbling out of her. He then went down on his knees and started to lick her out. Despite our recent upsurge in sex, she normally doesn't like oral sex and usually pushes me away when I try it. But here she was, legs splayed, being eaten out and not batting an eyelid. Suddenly, she became more aroused and I could see she was going to climax again. And so she did, grinding her pelvis into his face. But he didn't stop. His tongue slipped easily into her vagina and then he let it slip behind to service her anus. And each time she nearly went mad! Suddenly, he pulled himself away, raised himself up, pointed his penis at her hole and then it disappeared to its hilt.

I'd forgotten all about his enormous penis but didn't see much as it it disappeared from view. As he thrust into her, she wrapped her legs around his torso. I have never seen two people who wanted sex so much. There was an urgency and rhythm. Bill was thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow and Cheryl was groaning fit to wake the dead, and normally she is quiet when we make love. Well, it had to end. Bill started to grunt as he neared his climax and they both squealed together when he eventually came. I was rewarded by seeing his buttocks clench each time he ejaculated into her. This time Bill sank in the chair exhausted while Cheryl looked over his shoulder at me. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and exhaustion.

I wondered if we would fuck again but they disentangled themselves and Cheryl went upstairs to clean herself up. What do you say to a man who has just fucked your wife? We sat there in silence, neither wanting to destroy the peace and reflecting on what we had just done. I got up and went upstairs to the toilet and found Cheryl. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself.

'You have to ask?' she said, smiling. And then we embraced. She went downstairs wearing her dressing gown while I went to the loo. I turned the fire on in our bedroom and then went downstairs again. Cheryl and Bill were sitting talking on the settee. And then we talked for over an hour, Bill and I naked and Cheryl covered. It was like we were the best of friends.

Inevitably, penises began to rise again. As we were talking I noticed that Cheryl had realized Bill's penis was enlarging. Soon it became a joke and before I knew it Bill was removing the dressing gown from Cheryl's shoulders. And she was letting him willingly. I then witnessed one of the best fucks of all time. Bill started to fuck her on the settee with him on top. Just as she was getting worked up, he pulled out and made her kneel with her head on the settee while he entered her from the rear. In this position I was able to see the entire length of his penis disappear time and again into my wife's cunt. And she was lapping it up. I thought he was going to come but just before his climax he pulled out and suggested I now have a go. As I entered her she nearly convulsed with frustration. And so we kept this up between us. Every time one of us felt he was coming, he pulled out and let the other have a go. Needless to say Cheryl was beside herself. She came four times before I couldn't hold out and shot my loa d into her. I was ashamed that I couldn't last but Bill took over. He went on for another ten minutes before he too ejaculated. Cheryl was totally elated and I could see that she could easily take more. But we were both spent.

I dived down and licked her out. Then I said to Bill that perhaps he would like to join us in our bedroom. Once there I was surprised to see my erection rise for a third time that evening. This time we both fucked her together. I took her from behind while he entered her mouth. I was now well and truly done for and as we turned out the lights and slipped under the covers I heard them kissing passionately. At first I was jealous but what could I say? And then I heard them make love again. I heard them do it twice more in the middle of the night. In the morning Cheryl was again eager for more which Bill and I obliged with.

The next day Cheryl was like the cat that had got the cream. Bill decided to stay until Sunday evening and needless to say, much of the time was spent trying to get our penises into Cheryl's cunt. On Sunday night I had Cheryl to myself and we had one of our best lovemaking sessions ever.

Since then Bill has been round about once a month. At first we needed time to reflect and it was some three weeks before we contacted Bill or rather, he contacted us. We asked him to come over right away, which he did, and we had a marvellous session. I knew then that was going to be a regular occurence.

As a husband, I find it hard to say why I enjoy these sessions. I think I enjoy the voyeuristic side of it, I enjoy watching Cheryl have infinite pleasure and I enjoy the aspect that I am giving her to him and his big penis. I expect many men think I'm crazy, but there it is.

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