Arabian Nights - Erotic Story

This is a true story of my wife's wild and sexy night out as she confessed to me. Denise had first met the two Arabs at work. They had stared at her and she'd felt stirring in her loins. She remembered how her grandmother had told her about the women of her generation being madly in love with Valentino after he'd starred in 'The Sheik'. Everyone kept telling her that she looked like her grandmother and seeing the handsome Arabs reinforced her sense of deja-vu.

The heat from her pussy became almost unbearable, as she pictured herself being swept off into the desert, draped across a white charger. She kept crossing and uncrossing her bare legs while looking seductively at the two men.

She stood up and moved away, rolling her buttocks at the two men. As she approached the lifts, she found the two Arabs flanking her, dressed in their exotic apparel. She told me that the juice was running down her thighs at that point.

The three of them entered the lift and both pssed against her and she felt their hands exploring the contours of her bottom. Not a word had been said. When they stepped out of the lift, they led her into a large, luxurious office and pulled her down between them on the leather couch and began to caress her small but sensitive breasts, kneading them rather roughly, pinching the nipples into erections, which sent tremors of arousal sweeping through her body.

My wife is a bit of a submissive and needs to be treated roughly to really satisfy her sexually. She said that the rough handling made her randy faster than if they'd been gentle. She stood up, her head still filled with images based on her grandmother's stories, and started to dance in front of them, pulling up her skirt to reveal the narrow crotch of her panties, made almost transparent by the profuse flow of juice which was leaking from her excited pussy.

One of them reached out and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her white knickers, baring her bottom. They exclaimed in Arabic and she felt lips kiss her buttocks as her knickers were removed. She had to help them with the dress but they undid the bra, leaving her stark naked. She started to sway, making her hips roll provocatively. They pulled her down on the seat again and then their hands were all over her body, followed by their mouths which lingered in turn on her most sensitive places, arousing th em until she was a mass of quaking flesh. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and only needed a touch to send an electric shock to her clit.

The smaller one fetched some rubber bands and wound them around the base of her nipples until they were bloated and stinging like mad. The taller one slid his hand between her thighs, forcing them apart, while the other one lifted up his robe and exposed his massive, erect penis. He wasn't wearing any underwear. One of her hands was behind her neck and pushed it down so that her face was pssed against his crotch. He pushed the knob against her lips, which opened of their own accord and allowed the hard co ck to penetrate some way into her mouth filling it almost to capacity.

The other Arab used his fingers to splay open her cunt then pushed the thumb of the other hand inside, as if to gauge whether it would take the greater girth of his cock. His hand brushed against her clit, which was already at fever pitch and she contorted with pleasure.

There was something about not having even exchanged a greeting with these two exotic strangers, which gave an eerie and very exciting flavour to the situation and Denise had a small climax. Her cunt gripped the thumb while her mouth did the same around the cock crowded inside it.

The second Arab lifted her up and seconds later she was spiked by his large cock. One was filling her mouth, the other her cunt, as if she was a bridge connecting them. She felt as if it was just one cock which had threaded its way right through her body to come out on the other side.

They were talking to each other in Arabic all the time they were pleasuring her and she fantasised they were telling each other how sensational she was, how tight her cunt was and how well it gripped his cock so delightfully, while the other boasted that his cock had slipped deep into her throat and that she was using her throat muscles to milk it, while reaching out with her tongue for his balls.

The exotic sound of their dialogue, the way the one fucking her from behind was slapping her bottom at the same time, and the way they had adopted a complimentary rhythm made her come almost immediately. Her small breasts swung beneath her and the Arab fucking her mouth started gently slapping her breasts.

They took no notice as she was climaxing and just kept on ramming their cocks into her from both ends. She felt rivulets of love juice trickling down her thighs. She was in a world of exotic and at times perverse eroticism which thrilled and amazed her.

Suddenly, the two Arabs groaned in unison as first the one in her mouth jetted masses of thick cream down her throat and then the one behind her gripped her hips and held her still as his sperm spurted into her belly.

As she was telling me all about it that evening, I played with her pussy and although a couple of hours had passed I could still detect some of his spunk inside.

I told Denise how excited I was and how I would love to be there when it happened again. She told me that the Arabs were only in this country for a couple of weeks but that she was sure she could coax them to come over to our house for a repeat. I just can't wait to see them sinking their big cocks into her and then being able to suck her pussy after she has taken a big load.

Here's hoping she can talk them into coming over soon!

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